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Blue Sharks, Darwin's Arch, Mysterious Caves, Far Out Critters and Liveaboards Galore!

Red Sea: The First Steps on the Liveaboard Ladder
Red Sea LiveaboardMany divers take their first tentative steps in the world of liveaboard diving through one of the many liveaboards operating in the Red Sea, and it’s easy to see why.

The Red Sea offers some of the best diving in the world, with many of the region’s signature dive sites within reach of a liveaboard only. Furthermore, at only five hours flight away, travel time is minimised.

Life on a liveaboard is pretty straightforward: you are either eating, sleeping or diving. Or snoozing on the top deck with a book. Or sharing a few beers with newfound friends as the sun goes down on another full-on day of diving. But nothing too taxing.

Many of us have made friends for life on a liveaboard. Divers are a friendly bunch, and a liveaboard can also be the perfect option for solo travellers: the Crew and Guides will make everyone feel right at home, and fellow guests are always keen to introduce themselves.

Liveaboards keep costs to a minimum: accommodation usually includes all meals, and many liveaboards also provide free wine with the evening meal. Some operators even provide free Nitrox for certified users.

There are so many reasons to jump on a Red Sea liveaboard, especially as we have prices from only £866pp (inc flights) . All you need to do is decide on your itinerary: reefs, wrecks, or both? Shark action? The secluded deep south?

If you need a little advice just call the friendly Regaldive Team!

Wolf and Darwin: A Wishlist Destination
Humboldt ExplorerWhen divers think of the Galapagos it is often with the iconic image of Darwin’s Arch in their minds. This striking natural feature lies 1km from Darwin Island.

Darwin Island, and its neighbour Wolf Island, are located 14 hours sailing north of the main Galapagos island group, and sit 40km apart.

The seas surrounding Wolf and Darwin support large concentrations of marine life which makes the Galapagos the legendary dive destination that it is. Schools of hammerheads, dolphins and rays make these islands a highlight for many divers visiting the Galapagos. There is also a whale shark aggregation which occurs in the warmer water surrounding these islands.

No dive itinerary on a Galapagos liveaboard is complete without a visit to Wolf and Darwin. Regaldive offer a number of liveaboards operating in the Galapagos, including the Humboldt Explorer, with prices starting from £2,980pp (boat only).

Meet the Psychedelic Frogfish: Take a Trip on the Wild Side!
Psychedelic FrogfishThe Psychedelic Frogfish is one of the most unique endemic species in Indonesia. First identified in 2009, this colorful fish has a swirling pattern of stripes. Each fish is presumed to have a unique pattern, much like a human fingerprint.

With vivid stripes of bluish-green, white and yellowish-orange, this strange-looking fish is a type of anglerfish. However, unlike other frogfish, the Psychedelic Frogfish is unusual in not having a lure growing from its forehead. It also has forward-facing eyes, a trait not seen before in frogfish, and which is rare among fish in general.

Want to see this far out critter? Then you need to head to Ambon, which is the only place in the world the Psychedelic Frogfish has been seen.

A number of our Indonesian liveaboards visit this marine rich environment, including the majestic Dewi Nusantara and the ever-popular Mermaid II, with prices from £3,650pp (boat only).

The Cenotes: Going Underground!
CenotesDiving the Cenotes is, for many divers, the highlight of their Mexican dive trip. The Cenotes is a vast network of subterranean rivers, caverns and sinkholes (cenotes) that extend for miles inland.

Used as a source of fresh water by the ancient Maya, these distinctive geological formations offer some of the most exciting and unique diving to be found anywhere in the world. Cenotes divers enjoy the sensation of haloclines, and float in gin clear fresh water amongst stalagmites and stalactites, bathed in shafts of light filtering through the jungle canopy above.

Why not extend your diving experience with a trip to this incredible submerged world?

Day trips are available to the Cenotes from Puerto Aventuras and Playa del Carmen on the Riviera Maya, or the laid-back island of Cozumel, with its famous protected National Marine Park. Stay at the beautiful Allegro Cozumel Resort from £1,007pp (including flights, transfers and 7 nights AI).

Maldives: A Liveaboard Itinerary To Suit Every Diver
SheenaOver the past thirty years, an incredible range of world class dive sites in the Maldives have been charted and explored in the atolls surrounding the capital, Male. A number of liveaboards operate in this region, visiting many of the Maldives’ best known dive sites, including MV Ari Queen, with prices starting from £1,025pp (boat only) and the Emperor Voyager, with prices from £1,044pp (boat only).

Regaldive also offer liveaboards that cover exciting new atolls in the far north and deep south of the Maldives. These atolls represent the new ‘frontiers’ of diving in the Maldives and lie well beyond traditional tourist maps.

Haa Alifu is the most northerly atoll in the Maldives. MY Amba is one of the first liveaboards to operate around this atoll, and offers some truly original diving. Prices for Amba start from £1,160pp (boat only).

MY Sheena offers an exhilarating deep south itinerary. Challenging drift dives make up the majority of the daily dives. The diving would suit those looking to dive rarely visited sites.

Special Offer: prices for Sheena start at only £723pp (boat only) on selected sailings.

Blue Is The Colour
Blue SharkBlue Shark diving in the Azores has become the main lure for divers visiting this dramatic archipelago, especially during their peak season of July - September. Occurring in deep waters best accessed from the coast of Pico, the sleek Blue Shark has been studied for a number of years, and their habits are becoming more understood.

Classified a ‘Near Threatened’ species, local dive operators work hard to ensure minimum impact on the sharks is felt when diving with them, including strict in-water regulation, education and protection programs.

With the aim of benefitting the species from better understanding, a donation is also made to the PADI Project Aware foundation for all Blue Shark dives carried out.

Pico’s comfortable Hotel Caravelas is ideally located for divers: a marina location and only a five minute walk to the CW Azores Dive Centre. Prices from £884pp (including flights, transfers and 7 nights B&B).

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