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South Central 7 Atolls

January to March - 7 & 9 day trips


Please note:  This itinerary is not for beginners and most dives will involve going to depth and diving with currents. It's best suited to more advanced divers. We recommend a minimum of 100 logged dives to join this trip. With visibility being really good in the southern atolls, this is ideal for photographers for normal and macro shots.



  • North Male Atoll: Beautiful Pinnacles. 
  • South Male Atoll: Grey Reef Sharks, Eagle Rays, Other Pelagics, Beautiful Macro Wreck. 
  • Vaavu Atoll: Beautiful channels with magical soft corals and pelagic delights. Action packed night dive with Nurse Sharks and others. 
  • Vattaru Atoll: Pristine coral reefs. 
  • Meemu Atoll: Beautiful channels with pelagic action, Sailfish, Grey Reef Sharks, Eagle Rays and beautiful soft coral. Manta cleaning station. 
  • Thaa Atoll: Hammerhead Sharks, Whale Sharks, Dolphins, Traditional Maldivian Channel Diving. 
  • Laamu Atoll: Beautiful fish filled channels with great shark encounters. 


Looking for action? Speedy drift dives, mantas, sharks and diving 7 atolls appeal? Both MV Leo and MV Orion offer this itinerary and our guides and crew make it their business to make sure you see mantas, sharks and even a wreck.


January to March is the time to join us as this is when the current in the Kandus is largely incoming. There's a good variety of diving from thrilling channel dives to more relaxed diving inside the atolls on Thilas or Giris.


The best thing? There are few, if no, boats as we visit atolls that have very few resorts and lots of uninhabited islands so liveaboard competition is low! The main manta activity is at Ari at this time of year but there's a good manta cleaning station in Meemu Atoll.


Hammerheads are often found in Thaa as well as whale sharks who visit our boat at night attracted by the lights. When the currents are running well, the channel dives here are outstanding. Abundant with schooling snappers, jacks, barracuda, white tips and greys, grouper, Napoleon wrasse, turtles, eagle rays and more. Fancy a wreck dive? We can fix that for you at the Kuda Giri wreck, famous for its rare black corals and macro life complete with resident frog fish.