Best of the Northern Atolls

Best of the Northern Atolls

This itinerary takes in one of the most spectacular diving areas in the Maldives and offers the chance of Manta Ray and Whale Shark sightings all year round.


Below is an example outline of a weeks timetable; this is however changeable and is always dependant upon the weather conditions, the number of other boats at a site and local seasonal knowledge. We always try our hardest to provide you with the best possible diving.


Day of arrival - Day 1

North Male atoll

Back Faru or Banana Reef


Day 2

Dive 1: Bodu Hithi Thila (North Male)

Dive 2: Rasfari Corner (North Male)

Dive 3: Rasdhoo Madivaru (Rasdhoo)


Day 3

Dive 1: Rasdhoo Kandu (Rasdhoo)

Dive 2: Kan Thila or Fish Head (North Ari)

Dive 3: Maaya Thila night dive (North Ari)


Day 4

Dive 1: Hafsa Thila (Ari)

Dive 2: Himendhoo Thila or Dhonkalo (Ari)

Dive 3: Radhigaa or Rehi Thila (Ari)


Day 5

Dive 1: Miyaru Thila or Rangali Madivaru (South Ari)

Dive 2: Rangali Madivaru or Maamingili Beyru (South Ari)

Dive 3: Holiday Beyru


Day 6

Dive 1: Kuda Rah Thila or Marcha Fushi wreck (South Ari)

Dive 2: Coco Corner or Kandooma Thila (South Male)

Dive 3: Villivaru Giri sunset or night dive (South Male)


Day 7

Dive 1: Guraidhoo Corner or Kandooma Caves


**All dive sites are weather dependant and not guaranteed**