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Twin Centres in Oman

Moray Eels Malcolm NobbsNakhal Fort Extra DiversWhaleshark Extra DiversMusandam Extra Divers
  • Moray Eels Malcolm Nobbs
  • Nakhal Fort Extra Divers
  • Whaleshark Extra Divers
  • Musandam Extra Divers

Connections with Oman Air, Emirates and the ferry service to/from Muscat and Musandam mean that the country of Oman offers a great choice for combining a stay in 2 or more of its destinations to discover the below and above water wealth of this country.

Muscat and Salalah: Oman Air offers daily direct flights from London Heathrow to Muscat

Please call for travel options and tailormade costs; refer to suggestions below. The perfect itinerary for adventurous individuals and groups wanting to experience all that Oman has to offer.

Flights with Oman Air, Emirates, Qatar and Gulf Air - London to/from Dubai & Muscat are daily.

Suggested Itineraries

With Oman Air for Muscat and Salalah:

Fly London to Muscat - Stay Muscat - fly Muscat to Salalah - Stay Salalah - fly Salalah to London (change Muscat) or vice versa.

Fly London to Muscat - Stay Muscat - ferry Muscat to Khasab, Musandam - Stay Khasab - then either ferry back to Muscat and fly to UK, or transfer by land to Dubai and fly to UK (change in Muscat).

With Emirates for Musandam:

Fly London to Dubai - transfer to Khasab, Musandam - Stay Khasab - ferry Khasab to Muscat - Stay Muscat - fly to London (change Dubai).

Please note that the drive from Muscat to Musandam by coastal road takes around 11-14 hours, which is why we do not offer this option.

There are internal flights from Muscat direct to Khasab, Musandam, but the flights can be prone cancellation due to the geographical location of the airstrip and wind.

For information on Extra Divers and Euro Divers, please refer to Muscat >

For information on Extra Divers, please refer to Musandam > 

For information on Extra Divers, please refer to Salalah and Mirbat >

For Muscat resort information please click here >

For Musandam resort information please click here >

For Salalah and Mirbat resort information please click here >

Flight Information

Into Dubai: Flights with Emirates into Dubai non-stop from London Gatwick, Heathrow, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Newcastle (conditions may apply on certain regional departures).

Flight Duration: Approx. 7 hours

Into Muscat & Salalah: Flights with Oman Air direct into Muscat from London Heathrow. Connections to Salalah from Muscat.

Flights with Emirates via Dubai or Qatar Airways via Doha.

Flight Duration: UK - Approx. 7 hours / Muscat - Salalah 1 hour.

Departure tax: n/a

Passports & Visas

Please always check your own entry requirements regardless of your nationality. Your passport should always have at least 6 months validity on date of return travel.

Always check for last minute changes in entry requirements. Nationalities other than British citizens should check with their own consular office.

All UK nationals require a visa, which can be obtained on arrival.

Stays of 1 to 10 days: OMR 5 (est. USD $13)

Stays of 10 days to 1 month: OMR 20 (est. USD $52)

Travelling into Dubai, for Musandam: On arrival in Dubai, UAE, British passport holders will be issued with a tourist visa free of charge.

Clients departing from Al Dibba may not need an Omani visa, however please go prepared in case of change of regulation.

You also pay 25 AED border exit fee.

Travelling into Muscat or Salalah: British passport holders may purchase an Oman tourist visa on arrival.

Twin centres between Musandam, Muscat and Salalah: Route dependant if you are travelling by land, sea or air.


Vaccination requirements are subject to change and should be confirmed before departure.  For the most up to date advice please consult your travel clinic or GP.  Further information regarding vaccinations for travel to this country can be found at www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk and from your local healthcare provider.  There are no compulsory vaccinations for travel to Oman, but we recommend protection against typhoid, tetanus, hepatitis A and polio.

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Oman Facts

  • Area: 212, 500 sq. km
  • Population: 2.9 million
  • Language: Arabic, English, Farsi, Baluchi, Urdu
  • Time: GMT + 4
  • Electricity: 220 / 240v, 50Hz, British style 3 pin plug

MV Saman Explorer

Built in 2004, the MV Saman Explorer has recently