Best of the Sea of Cortez

Best of the Sea of Cortez

Enjoy the abundance of Mexico's Sea of Cortez as you visit some classic dive locations and venture further to lesser known spots. Itineraries are typically 5 or 7 nights, with select departures in season focusing on whale shark encounters in Bahia de Los Angeles.


  • Enjoy dolphins, mobula & maybe hammerheads around El Bajo & Los Animas
  • Dive Espiritu Santos, one of the Sea of Cortez' classic dive spots
  • Increased chance of big animal encounters with spotter plane support (select departures)
  • Whale sharks in Bahia de Los Angeles (select departures, May to November)

Dolphins in the Sea of Cortez Sealions in the Sea of Cortez

Areas you may visit on Sea of Cortez liveaboard itineraries vary and are decided on the cruise based on the expert local knowledge of the crew and the best diving areas at that particular time.


However, on any itinerary, you're likely to see some of the following marine life:


  • Multiple mega pods of dolphins
  • Curious & fun California sea lions
  • Mobula & cow nose rays
  • Hammerhead sharks
  • Giant tornadoes of fish

There's also the possibility of manta ray, sperm whale or orca, but these species are spotted less frequently.


7-night itineraries head a little further to Loreto National Park for more excellent diving. 7-night whale shark itineraries also visit Bahia de Los Angeles.


Please note that itineraries vary, and the above is just a sample of what can be seen.