Magdalena Bay Sardine Run

Magdalena Bay Sardine Run

Marvel at striped marlin hunting in their natural environment on this unique adventure.


  • See striped marlin hunt on vast schools of sardine
  • Unique marine spectacle in a remote location
  • Opportunities to see sea lion, dolphin, wahoo and numerous bird species

Sealions in Magdalena Bay, Mexico Striped marlin in Magdalena Bay, Mexico

During October to January, a magical event happens in the nutrient rich swirling blue waters off Magdalena Bay where striped marlin gather to hunt on the second-largest sardine run in the world. This thrilling underwater action is spectacular.


There's an excellent chance of also seeing California sea lions, dolphin, wahoo, pelicans, different species of gulls, boobie birds, frigate birds, shearwaters and even the awe-inspiring albatross.


Magdalena Bay is a gorgeous place to visit just for the pristine beauty, mangroves and giant sand dunes of the outer islands.


This is a cooperative ecotourism programme with local pangas and highly knowledgeable captains. Spend as much or as little time as you want on the water each day with striped marlin. Striped marlin encounters are best snorkelling/free diving, and this is the main focus of these itineraries. However, scuba diving is definitely on the agenda on this trip.


5 night itineraries begin with a 5-hour bus journey from Cabo to Magdalena Bay. Longer 7-night itineraries set sail from Cabo and follow the coastline around to Magdalena Bay.