Bahamas Aggressor: Tiger Beach

Bahamas Aggressor: Tiger Beach

During the summer months, special 6 and 7 night trips to Tiger Beach are offered on board Bahamas Aggressor. This itinerary is an exploration of the remote areas around the West End of Grand Bahama Island. This is a dedicated liveaboard trip with up to 5 dives per day offered. The West End area is rarely visited by guests and is home to many creatures – both large (e.g sharks and dolphins) and small (e.g. grouper, snapper, assorted other reef fish).


At least one afternoon during  the  trip  will  be  dedicated  to  a  dive  at  the  area  known  as 'Tiger  Beach' where  we will try to attract sharks using  a 'scent  triangle' filled with bait. Both Caribbean Reef Sharks and Tiger Sharks are known to frequent the area.


Please note: All shark interactions on Bahamas Aggressor Fleet yachts are natural, passive and observational in style. The Bahamas Aggressor Fleet does not actively feed sharks nor chum the waters. Night dives are not offered on the site of Tiger Beach.


Guests fly in and out of Grand Bahama International Airport and embark / disembark at Old Bahama Bay Resort, a 30-45 minute transfer away. Boarding is at 4pm on Saturday and check out is at 8am.  The final evening’s dinner is not included in the package and is taken on land.