Cocos Island Adventure

Cocos Island Adventure

 Departing from Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Cocos Island is located off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Guests fly to San Jose, Costa Rica for a two-hour air-conditioned bus ride to Puntarenas, which showcases some of Costa Rica's most beautiful views. Your liveaboard cruises approximately 36 hours to Cocos Island.


Boarding depends on the tide schedule.  Immediately after boarding the yacht departs for its crossing to Cocos Island to prepare for diving Monday morning. After a full seven days of diving, the Okeanos Aggressor returns back to the dock in Puntarenas, Costa Rica.





A 600’ long submerged mountain, the top of the mountain is 75’ from the surface. Schooling Hammerheads, Mantas and schooling fish. Possible Sailfish or Marlin.


Big Dos Amigos

This islet features a 45-foot-high arch and 60-foot pinnacle off the southeast side. Look for Rainbow Runners, Yellowtail Snapper, Bigeye Jacks and lobster. Hammerheads swim between the pinnacle and arch.


Bird Island, Chatham Bay

Dove from Chatham Bay, southeast of Manuelita, this site provides a variety of marine life including Frog Fish, lobsters, morays, rays, White Tip Sharks and Hammerheads. There is even a cleaning station.


Dirty Rock

A large island with schools of Marble Rays and Hammerheads.


Lone Stone

Schooling Marble Rays and Mobula Rays.



The northeast corner has asheer wall. Lots of White Tips, Marble Rays and schools of Creoles.


Special Sightings

Whale Sharks, mating Eagle Rays, Sail Fish, mating White Tip Sharks, False Killer Whales.


Ubing Rock, Wafer Bay

This 300’ rock begins at 20’ and drops to a 110’ sandy bottom. The southeast slope attracts schooling Hammerheads.