Emperor - Daedalus, Fury and Elphinstone

Emperor - Daedalus, Fury and Elphinstone

Elphinstone - Daedalus - fury shoals

Departing from Marsa Ghalib Port

Experience Level: Emperor requires that you have 30 logged dives for this itinerary.


Heading first to Fury Shoals, you may dive around the Marsa Alam area or Sha'ab Sharm with its wall dives and white tip reef sharks. Oceanic white tips and silky sharks can sometimes be found in the blue and turtles often visit the south side before heading further south. Trips usually include the classics such as Sha'ab Claude, with its famous swim-throughs and huge porites corals, Malahi with its mazes and friendly turtles, and Abu Galawa Soraya with its fantastic coral garden and a wreck of a private sailing boat smothered with glass fish.

Sataya with its resident spinner dolphin population is a must for snorkelling between dives, as well as having some good underwater offerings, and on top of that we can spend time exploring less dived sites such as Sha'ab Hamam (Stairway to Heaven), Abu Galawa Kebir with the Tien Hsing wreck, Gota Sataya and if the weather is kind there are some submerged reefs that can be moored on such as Habili Sameh that will blow you away!

Daedalus Reef, a part of the Red Sea offshore Marine Park, is a large, oval reef with a lighthouse at one end, and is the furthest offshore reef in the Egyptian Red Sea. Its deep walls and drop-offs offer some of the most spectacular diving to be found. Daedalus has mountainous, pristine, hard coral formations. There is also a strong chance of spotting schooling hammerheads, especially from May to November, and grey reef sharks.

No trip to the South would be complete without stopping at world famous Elphinstone, with its sheer walls covered in soft corals, and likely encounters with oceanic white tip sharks. Depending on the experience of the group and the weather, you may even get the chance to dive it at the beginning and end of your amazing trip! 

Please note: You are expected to be able to complete each dive with your buddy or following the guide. The guides may not enter the water and may remain onboard as surface support for some dives. As with all diving activities, the dive guide has the final decision regarding any divers competency to complete any particular dive. This is a sample itinerary and is subject to change without notice. The itinerary will depend on several factors including, but not limited to, weather, diving ability of guests & the number of other boats already present at the various dive sites. No night dives are allowed in the Marine Parks.