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Best of Brothers

Departing from Hurghada or Port Ghalib

Offering divers the opportunity to spend a whole week at this legendary site, Best of Brothers is a must for all die-hard Red Sea divers!



You must be a PADI Open Water diver or equivalent and have logged a minimum of 30 dives to join this safari.


As with all diving activities, the dive guide has the final decision regarding any divers competency to complete any particular dive.

Please note that no night diving or snorkelling will be allowed on this itinerary as it is within marine parks, where this is prohibited.

Itinerary Highlights:

Best of BrothersThis itinerary provides a good mix of wreck and reef diving, with the Aida and Numidia on Big Brother and pristine coral walls surrounding both islands. Sharks and other large pelagics are regularly sighted ensuring that there is never a dull moment! As you head closer to the coast from the islands, Safaga offers more challenging and breathtaking sites where the diving is concentrated primarily on three areas.These sites are well worth repeating throughout the week and often provide completely different experiences each time - give yourself time to really get to know Brother Islands and discover why they are so legendary!


Big Brother

Big brother is a 400 metre long island offering wreck diving and fabulous and wall diving. The wreck of the Numidia lies on the northern tip between 10 meters and 80 metres. The north-west side of the island houses the wreck of the Aida. A steam ship sunk in 1957, the bow section was destroyed leaving the hull at 30 meters and 60 metres. On every section of this reef the wall is covered with corals and life, take your time as you drift along.


Little Brother

Little Brother is the smaller of the two islands but boasts a very high concentration of life within a very small area. Fan coral forests, overhangs, hard and soft corals in a variety of astonishing colours and shapes provide divers with a dream playground. And of course there are plenty of fish with regular sightings of hammerheads, thresher sharks, grey sharks and white tip reef sharks, at the right time of year.


Safaga offers some exceptional diving and is still relatively undiscovered.  Tucked in just south of Hurghada, most diving is conducted by boat to reach the spectacular offshore reefs and wall dives of sites like Panorama Reef, Middle Reef and Abu Kafan.


Note: The above, is a sample itinerary and is subject to change without notice. The itinerary will depend on several factors including, but not limited to, weather, diving ability of guests & the number of other boats already present at the various dive sites. All dive sites visited are subject to weather conditions and are at the discretion of your dive guides and vessel captain.