Maumere - Alor - Maumere

Maumere - Alor - Maumere

Day 1

Check-in on board anytime from early morning through to departure time around 16:00 hours. If arriving early we can assist with local sightseeing programmes. After the boat and safety briefing, we'll set up equipment and you can settle into your cabin. Dinner will be served at 19:00 hours as we cruise east to Palau Mas (Serbete).


Day 2 to Day 6

The schedule for this region is not as “fixed” as we like to evaluate conditions and divers and what is hot at the moment. The phase of the moon and ensuing currents also factor  highly in dive site selection. Lots or little experience, Mermaid Liveaboards will ensure we provide dives to suit all levels and ensure all have a brilliant dive holiday. Islands and areas we will be visiting include Serbete, South Adonara, North Adonara, Tanjung Kuli, Pulau Lapang, Pulau Balang, north east Paular, Pulau Ternate in Alor/Pantar Strait, Lewolu (in the Kalabali channel), Beta Island, Pulau Para, Beangabang Ba y at Pantar, Pulau ura. Diving opportunities include dramatic sheer walls, crystal clear reef tops, caverns, deep ledges, black sand, lava flows, and night dive gravel areas that give Lembeh a real run for its money, sea mounts and fringing reefs – paradise for all divers and well worth adding the Maumere-Alor-Maumere cruise to your list of awesome dive places you must enjoy!


Day 7

Flying tomorrow then sightseeing for you today! If extending your trip in the Maumere area then we will enjoy some of the great dives this area has to offer!


Day 8

After breakfast we transfer you ashore at 8.30am to continue your vacation…or its time to head home to start planning your next cruise. Maumere is only a short flight from Bali. There are a number of comfortable but simple resorts plus sightseeing opportunities such as the famous 3 Colour Lakes in the craters of Keli Mutu volcano. Trips starting in Maumere follow a similar itinerary however in reverse, disembarking in Bali around 8:30am on the last day for transfer to your hotel or the airport.