St John's and Elba Reef

St John's and Elba Reef

Embark on a truly unique and exclusive journey aboard the Royal Evolution, a luxury dive yacht with a brand-new route that will leave a lasting mark on your bucket list. 


  • Dive a remote & seldom visited region
  • Thrilling marine life & shark encounters
  • Stunning reef & wrecks to explore
  • Ideal for experienced divers

Elba Reef in Egypt Cave diving in St Johns, Egypt

Located on the southern Egyptian border Elba Reef remains a hidden gem on the map, making it a dream come true for adventurous souls. With special permission from the Egyptian Navy, this exceptional liveaboard experience takes you to the pristine and rarely explored Elba Reef system in Egypt's far south. Here, you'll be immersed in the wonders of the Red Sea, surrounded by vibrant red anemones, impressive brain corals, and stunning yellow Dendrophylliidae soft corals. Encounter incredible marine life including bumphead parrotfish, tuna, reef sharks, and much more. Dive into history as you explore the 113-metre long Italian SS Isola di Levanzo wreck, which found its final resting place in 1923. This expedition takes you on a 600-nautical-mile journey, unveiling rarely visited locations and new species.


Designed exclusively for serious and experienced divers, this route offers tranquillity without the crowds of other dive organizations. It's a haven for underwater videographers and photographers seeking to capture the utopian underwater world in privacy. Please note that this adventure is open only to divers with a minimum of 50 logged dives.


Your 7-night journey will take you to untouched destinations where the thrill of discovery will quicken your heartbeat.



DAY 1: The expedition commences in Port Ghalib, Egypt.


DAY 2: Departing from Port Ghalib, your first stop is Marsa Shouna, where you'll make your initial dive. The day continues with the second and third dives at the magnificent Elphinstone Reef, followed by a voyage to St. John's Reef.


DAY 3: Dive enthusiasts will be delighted by a day of incredible dives around St. John's Reef before sailing overnight to the breathtaking Elba Reef.


DAY 4: Elba Reef, a vast realm of new discoveries, beckons you for three full days of exploration. Experience night dives on two evenings as well.


DAY 5: Your final day at Elba Reef presents unforgettable dive opportunities before the journey returns to St. John's Reef in the evening.


DAY 6: Two dives around St. John's Reef are on the agenda for this day, followed by a return to Port Ghalib for a delightful dinner in the harbour.


DAY 7: After breakfast, it's time to bid farewell as you transfer to the airport, a beach front hotel, or perhaps opt for an excursion to the Nile at Luxor.

During this unforgettable expedition, you'll encounter schools of barracuda, hammerhead sharks, and swim among breathtaking soft corals and mesmerising fans. Discover majestic pinnacles, moray eels, and captivating coral formations illuminated by sunlight. Be surprised by the diverse marine life, from unique sea slugs like the Chromodoris Geminus to pelagic giants like Thresher Sharks, mackerel sharks, and more. Keep an eye out for dolphins, manta rays, and even dugongs along the way.


As a bonus, you'll explore the rarely-visited SS Isole di Levanzo wreck, a historic Italian ship that met its fate on the Elba Reef in the 1920s. This well-preserved wreck, with a fascinating history, is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by divers.

EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: It is a pre-requisite that divers are qualified to a minimum of Advanced PADI Open Water, or equivalent, with a minimum of 50 logged dives.