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Travel Safety

Customer safety is the single most important factor in everything that Regaldive does. We always consider the safety of our tours and we monitor and assess the threats operating in every country as an integral part of our work.

UK Foreign Office advice
For up-to-the-minute travel updates, we liaise closely with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCDO) Travel Advice Unit (, whose travel advice we follow to the letter. The FCDO issue different types of travel warnings, which can at times include advising against travel to particular areas or countries.

Regaldive rigidly monitor FCDO travel warnings and advice, and where it considers it appropriate to do so, may cancel tours prior to departure, or terminate, re-route or otherwise make changes to tours operating in or through the country or part of the country concerned. Any such decision made by Regaldive will always be made in the interests of safety and security, taking into account our 30+ years of experience. Occasionally we will pre-empt the FCDO and decide to leave a region based on our own feedback from our local agents on the ground. We make no apologies for this - safety always has and always will come first.

We strongly recommend that customers visit the FCDO website to read the comments on the country they are planning to visit, at the time of booking and also prior to departure. The FCDO website provides a travel summary for every country, together with advice on safety and security including crime and terrorism, local laws & customs, entry requirements and health, as well as general information. It also has contact details for embassies and consulates of those countries where lone parents may require extra documentation.