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It is a condition of booking that all Regaldive guests have Travel and Diving Insurance. Having good insurance cover is essential in the event of an incident whilst you are on holiday and / or diving. Ideally, insurance should be in place as soon as you make your booking with Regaldive.

For over 25 years, Dive Master have been providing scuba insurance to dive enthusiasts. Dive Master offer IDEC (International Diving Emergency Cover) which is a personal accident plan for divers that covers you anywhere, no matter where you’re diving.

Purchasing through Regaldive, can save you 5% on the cost of Dive Master Insurance.

Dive Master offer 3 types of insurance cover for scuba diving and travelling:

1. IDEC Scuba Dive Insurance
2. Single trip Travel with IDEC Scuba Dive Insurance 
3. Annual multi trip Travel with IDEC Scuba Dive Insurance 

Save 5% by booking online - no discount code is required, by following this affiliate link when you receive your quote it will state "This quote includes your promotional discount".

What makes Dive Master IDEC & Travel so special?

  • Diving accident insurance, (IDEC) that covers you at home and abroad and not just when you are ‘travelling’.
  • IDEC continues to provide further treatment when you get back to your country of residence.
  • IDEC provides coverage for search and rescue costs.
  • No Depth Limits on IDEC - There are no depth limits on IDEC! Dives must be carried out within the guidelines and recommendations established by your authoritative diving body. If you want to dive deeper than 130 metres, a full dive profile, proposed safety and support measures must be submitted to underwriters for agreement.
  • Dive Master Travel insurance policies provide cancellation coverage if you are fit to travel but unfit to dive.
  • Dive Master Travel insurance policies provide coverage for dive equipment whilst in use.
  • Dive Master Travel insurance policies provide coverage for baggage and dive equipment up to £2,500 as standard.
  • Dive Master Travel insurance policies provide coverage for the cost of lost ‘Pre-Booked & Pre-Paid’ diving or adventure sports and activity days due to illness/injury at resort.
  • Coverage for an extensive list of Activities and Sports on the policy.
  • IDEC does not contain any exclusions in respect of cave diving, wreck diving and diving with sharks.