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Frequently Asked Questions

Regaldive are able to answer any questions that you may have.  If you still need assistance then please do not hesitate to call our friendly team on 01353 659999.

  1. How do I book with Regaldive?
  2. Is my money safe if I book with you?
  3. Where can I get the full Regaldive booking terms & conditions?
  4. I haven't been diving very long and am not sure how to go about taking the next steps
  5. Why should I book my dive pack in advance - is it really cheaper?
  6. What is my baggage allowance?
  7. Is there pure Oxygen in a scuba tank?
  8. What should I do if need emergency funds whilst on holiday?
  9. Am I medically fit to dive?
  10. What vaccinations and health requirements should I take into consideration?
  11. Insurance - Travel & Diving
  12. What are the Bends?
  13. Should I take my own Surface Marker Buoy (SMB)?
  14. Air and water temperature chart for Regaldive's destinations
  15. What do Regaldive do to minimise their impact on the environment?
  16. What do you do with my personal information? Data Protection
  17. Cookie Policy
  18. Foreign Travel Advice



Call Regaldive on 01353 659999.

In order to confirm your booking we will need the following:

  1. All passengers’ titles, first and surnames AS ON THEIR PASSPORT (we recommend you provide the names by email to avoid mistakes). Please advise us of any meal requirements or special requests.
  2. We require details of a form of payment to go ahead and hold your flight and confirm all services. No payment is taken until all services are confirmed.
  3. The majority of Regaldive’s programme outside of the Egyptian Red Sea is tailormade. This means we book the services according to each individual’s personal travel itinerary. We can therefore only request and confirm availability once we receive your payment details; the volume of enquiries we receive and the fact that suppliers will not hold provisional bookings means bookings needs to be definite to be guaranteed.
  4. Due to the nature of the suppliers, countries and time zones that we work with, replies can sometimes take up to 2 working days; invariably it is less and some suppliers do have online trade booking services that Regaldive can access.
  5. If possible, please also provide your dive qualification level, number of logged dives and passport numbers at time of booking.

Deposits and Payment
Full balance is due 70 days prior to departure.  For bookings made within 70 days of departure, full balance is payable at time of confirmation. Deposit levels will be advised at the time of booking as these vary depending on the product you are booking.

You can pay this by debit card, cheque (payable to The Natural Travel Collection Ltd) or BACS payment.

Please find below our account details for BACS payments:
Bank: Barclays Bank
Sort code:  20-97-19
Account no:  13777049
Account Name:  The Natural Travel Collection Ltd (we recommend abbreviating to 'TNTC Ltd')

Please use your Regaldive reference number as your payment reference so we can allocate your payment to your booking.

Once we have received your deposit payment and after all elements of your trip are confirmed, we will despatch a confirmation invoice.  Please check the invoice thoroughly, informing Regaldive of any discrepancies within 24 hours of receipt.

About two weeks before departure, we will despatch your tickets and travel documents. Please check all items carefully.

Late Bookings
We are happy to handle late bookings at no extra charge, unless ‘ticket on departure’ charges are levied. These are usually £15 per person. If you book within 14 days of departure, we will require debit card details. Late bookings are on a request basis and your debit card will be automatically debited for full payment when availability is confirmed.

Please ensure you read the Medical and Insurance information

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2. Is my money safe if I book with you?

Yes!  The air holiday packages offered by Regaldive are ATOL protected, since we hold an Air Travel Organiser’s Licence granted by the Civil Aviation Authority. Our ATOL number is ATOL 10544. This means that your money is completely safe.  What's more, we've been around for over 25 years.

Many people do not realise that when you book elements of your holiday separately (such as flights, accommodation or overseas dive packages) you may not have adequate financial protection - meaning that if the operation goes bust, you could lose your money.

Booking with a tour operator such as Regaldive, who are ATOL protected, means that your money is secure. This allows you to book with confidence, leave the organising to us and get on with enjoying your diving holiday.



To view Regaldive's booking conditions go to 

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We have a dedicated area on our website for newly qualified divers which should answer all of your questions and alleviate any worries.  Please click here.


5. Why should I book my dive pack in advance - is it really cheaper?

There are three distinct advantages in reserving your diving in advance.

Firstly, you can be confident that the dive centre you will be booked with is a safe and reputable dive centre in that destination.

Secondly, if you are travelling during a busy time (and remember that just because it is not a busy time in the UK to travel, does not apply to other nationalities from other countries), there is no guarantee that the dive centre will be able to offer you what you would like in the timescale you have in mind.  This particularly applies to courses, where divers to instructor ratios change according to the type of course, the age of people participating, prevailing local conditions etc.

Thirdly, in the majority of cases, you will pay less for your dive package when reserving in advance, due to the agreements we have in place with our longstanding suppliers.  Sometimes, one forgets to take into account local taxes, bank charges, fixed local exchange rates and local credit card charges before calculating the true cost of what you are booking direct.

In short, it should give you more peace of mind.


6. What is my baggage allowance?

Baggage allowance can vary for each airline. As a general rule you are usually allowed 20kg for the hold and 5kg hand luggage (on a chartered flight), and 7kg hand luggage (on a scheduled flight).  Some airlines offer an additional allowance for divers on production of a valid PADI or BSAC card, but if this is not the case then you will be expected to pay a charge for any extra weight.  Regaldive will not cover any excess baggage charges incurred.  If you have a booking with us, your flight will be confirmed 8 weeks prior to departure and you will be able to check your baggage allowance.


7. Is there pure Oxygen in a scuba tank?

Recreational divers breathe air, not oxygen. It's filtered to remove impurities, but otherwise, its air like you're breathing now.

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8. What should I do if need emergency funds whilst on holiday?

We are aware that sometimes, in unusual situations, our customers may require access to emergency funds while still abroad.  If so, we hope you will find the following information useful.

MoneyGram offer a speedy, secure and convenient service where cash can be picked up at a MoneyGram agent worldwide within 10 minutes. 

Cash Passport - If you have a Cash Passport additional funds can be loaded onto your card by calling +44 1733 457 630.


9. Am I medically fit to dive?

Please refer to BSAC and PADI's medical forms, and the information available from the London Diving Chamber - click here

You maybe required to visit a diving doctor, if you have a pre-existing condition. A letter from your GP is not usually sufficient. For a list of diving doctors, please click here


10. What vaccinations and health requirements should I take into consideration?

Please check the National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC) website, click here


11. Insurance -travel & diving

It is a condition of booking that all Regaldive guests have Travel and Diving Insurance. Having good insurance cover is essential in the event of an incident whilst you are on holiday and/or diving. Regaldive acts as an Introducer for Dive Master Insurance products. Please click here for more information


12. What are the Bends?

Air is made up of approximately 79% nitrogen, which on the surface, is easily cleared from the body.  The deeper you are the more pressure your body is under.  When gases are under more pressure they are more soluble in liquids, and as a result nitrogen is absorbed into bodily tissues at greater depths. During ascent, pressure is reduced which allows the nitrogen to be dissolved in the tissue. The nitrogen will try and make its way back out with less pressure, but it may exceed the body's ability to clear the gas.

If a diver has been deep for too long, or has ascended too quickly, there may be a build up of nitrogen upon surfacing, which could allow nitrogen inside the body to come out of saturation (similar to removing the lid from a shaken/pressurized fizzy drink can) causing bubble formation.

These bubbles may cause joint pain, sensory changes, limb weakness, and in severe cases paralysis and death, the symptoms being dependent upon location of bubble formation (joints, spinal nerves, spinal cord, etc.). This process is known as decompression sickness, or the bends. The onset of these symptoms generally occurs within 12 hours of surfacing from a dive (90% within 6 hours), however, a physician familiar with diving should be consulted anytime decompression sickness is a potential diagnosis.


13. Should I take my own Surface Marker Buoy (SMB)?

In the Red Sea, all divers need to dive with a Surface marker buoy as per CDWS guidelines. Most of our suppliers have extensive equipment rental services.

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14. Air and water temperature chart for Regaldive's destinations

Click here to view a larger PDF



Regaldive have been working with responsible local suppliers for many years. We feel strongly that we have a duty to help minimise, wherever possible, any negative impacts of tourism on local communities and the environment.  Regaldive are proud to support the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) and also work alongside Climate Care to offset carbon emissions.  View our Responsible Tourism page for full details


16. What do you do with my personal information?

For full details of Regaldive's Privacy Policy, please click here


17. Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on a user's computer by their web browser, designed to store basic information (such as visitor preferences).  When you visit a site that uses cookies for the first time, a cookie is downloaded onto your PC. The next time you visit the site, your PC checks to see if it has a cookie that is relevant (one containing the site name) and sends the information contained in that cookie back to the site.

For more information regarding deleting and controlling cookies, please visit

Our cookies policy

The Regaldive website uses cookies to identify how users interact with our site, so that we can see things like the most popular pages and the journey that users take though the site. 

We can measure the number of users utilising specific services, so they can be made easier to use and we can ensure there is enough capacity to keep them fast.

Cookies used on our site are anonymous and contain no personal information or credit card details.

If you choose not to accept cookies, you can continue to use the site with no problem. You can turn off cookie settings, please refer to our managing cookies section for instructions.

First party cookies

These cookies are set by the domain of the website that you are visiting.  The Regaldive website does not use any first party cookies.

Third Party Cookies

These cookies are set by a domain different to the one of the website that you are visiting.  Regaldive uses a number of third party applications which set cookies to deliver the services that they are providing. Below is a list of third party suppliers, and the purpose of their cookies.

AddThis:  Features for sharing via social media (Facebook, Twitter etc). AddThis track visitors who use any of their features.

Google Analytics:  Collects information about how visitors use our site. We use the information to compile reports and to help us improve the site. The cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the site, where visitors have come to the site from and the pages they visited.

Facebook:  Features for sharing via Facebook. Does not set a cookie by itself, but if one is present it will read it.

DC Storm Cookies:  Collects information about how visitors use our site. We use the information to compile reports and to help us improve the site.

Managing Cookies

Regaldive will not use cookies to collect personally identifiable information about you. However, if you wish to restrict or block the cookies which are set by the Regaldive website, or likewise any other website, you can do this through your browser settings.

Please click here for instructions on how to manage your cookies

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Customer safety is the single most important factor in everything that Regaldive does. We always consider the safety of our tours and we monitor and assess the threats operating in every country as an integral part of our work.

UK Foreign Office advice
For up-to-the-minute travel updates, we liaise closely with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) Travel Advice Unit, whose travel advice we follow to the letter. The FCO issue different types of travel warnings, which can at times include advising against travel to particular areas or countries.

Regaldive rigidly monitor FCO travel warnings and advice, and where it considers it appropriate to do so, may cancel tours prior to departure, or terminate, re-route or otherwise make changes to tours operating in or through the country or part of the country concerned. Any such decision made by Regaldive will always be made in the interests of safety and security, taking into account our 30+ years of experience. Occasionally we will pre-empt the FCO and decide to leave a region based on our own feedback from our local agents on the ground. We make no apologies for this - safety always has and always will come first.

We strongly recommend that customers visit the FCO website to read the comments on the country they are planning to visit, at the time of booking and also prior to departure. The FCO website provides a travel summary for every country, together with advice on safety and security including crime and terrorism, local laws & customs, entry requirements and health, as well as general information. It also has contact details for embassies and consulates of those countries where lone parents may require extra documentation.