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Malapascua Island

Port of embarkation – Maya Port, Cebu City


This 7 night itinerary takes in the highlights of the wonderful diving island of Malapascua. The diving area of Monad Shoal is one of the finest locations in the world to witness the majestic thresher shark. It’s not just about the threshers though as other pelagics such as manta rays often cruise by. Some of the other highlights of the trip will include diving on the famous Gato Island and the huge wreck of the Dona Marilyn. The second half of the week will be spent with another unforgettable trip to Monad Shoal for a double helping of thresher action. Kemod Shoal is another beautiful place with large schools of jacks and amazing deep walls.


To finish up the trip you will spend some time on the Calangaman Iisland. This area is well known for its deep sloping walls encrusted with beautiful sea fans and many species of corals. The beautiful white sand beaches are a great place to enjoy a nice lunch in between dives. The port of embarkation will be Maya Port which is scenic two hour drive from Cebu City.


Please note that the itineraries are sample itineraries only, and will change depending on weather and logistics at the Captain’s discretion.




Dive Day 1: Monad Shoal
Start the week with a dawn dive on what is rapidly becoming one of the best known dive sites in the Philippines, Monad Shoal. Sit in 20m to 28m and enjoy the thresher sharks and mantas that frequent the area. Resort based boats have an hour long journey to this site meaning a very early start to the day… You’ll be tucked up comfortably in bed or enjoying your first coffee by then.


Dive Day 2: Gato Island
Gato Island is a protected marine sanctuary and an almost guaranteed site to encounter sleeping sharks and sea snakes. Spectacular coloured soft corals cover this undulating dive site sheltering frogfishes, sea horses and nudibranch.


Dive Day 3: M/V Dona Marilyn Wreck
This Filipino passenger ferry was sunk in October 1988 by Typhoon Ruby. The 98m ferry now lies intact on her starboard side in 32m, creating a unique artificial reef.


Dive Day 4: Monad Shoal
You are bound to want to spend time with the thresher’s more than once during the week!


Dive Day 5: Kemod Shoal
A sea mound situated near the island of Leyte. The reef begins in 10m with one side gradually sloping down to 29m before becoming a severe drop-off. On the other side, a wall starts in 10m and drops far below recreational limits. Throughout the year different large pelagics visit the shoal, including schools of hammerheads, manta rays and requiem sharks.


Dive Day 6: Calangaman Island
Calangaman Island is a small remote white-beached paradise. The southern section offers sloping reef walls covered with soft and hard corals, the northern sites offer spectacular wall dives encrusted with gorgonian fans and giant barrel sponges. After the morning dives, enjoy a lunch and afternoon on these beautiful unspoiled beaches.