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Forgotten Islands

Forgotten Islands


Travel back in time to the Forgotten Islands. Anthropologists have long referred to the islands extending east from Alor and arcing up to Ceram and Ambon as “forgotten” because traditionally they have had little contact with the rest of Indonesia.


There is no fixed itinerary for this trip as this is literally exploratory diving of the most exciting kind. You will be heading into new frontiers in the surroundings of 1000 sparsely populated islands, which make up this area of the Moluccas, home to just 1% of Indonesia’s population. First explored by the Portuguese who were followed by several European nations, including Holland, the islands of the Moluccas supplied spices to the west during the 17th and 18th centuries. Today these islands supply thrills for traveling divers. Blue seas, endless reefs, and undiscovered seamounts fill most of the Forgotten Islands 850,000 square kilometres, which means abundant marine life and the possibility of first time encounters with masses of schooling fish or perhaps even a reclusive saltwater crocodile. On these cruises, Dewi Nusantara will move slowly among tall volcanic islands and low lying coral atolls as we explore the last remaining undersea wilderness within the Indonesian archipelago.