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Meeru Island Resort & Spa

Award-winning Maldives

1st August 2013

The stunning Meeru Island Resort & Spa is picture postcard Maldives. Lying on a protected beautiful blue lagoon, with a long white sandy beach, the stunning backdrop of lush vegetation creates a tranquil, relaxing atmosphere

Superb Summer Savings Aboard the Luxurious Dewi Nusantara

18th September 2015

The Alor and Wakatobi  itinerary offers two rich and distinct areas of diving: the lush muck sites and unique reefs of Flores and Alor, followed by the bustling coral expanses of the Wakatobi region in Southeast Sulawesi. The sailing takes in many of the best areas of Alor, before travelling northwards towards the Wakatobi region with a last stop at Buton Island.

Green turtle in Bonaire

Top 10 Diving Holidays on a Budget

29th July 2020

Malta & Gozo

Just three hours away, Malta is famous for its superb wreck diving, while neighbouring Gozo has around 50 fantastic dive sites with iconic topography, caves, caverns and more to explore. Grab a short break to one of these islands or combine both for a longer diving jaunt.