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Postcard from Grenada

Postcard from Grenada

10th December 2015

Grenada has the draw of reefs, wrecks and its underwater sculptures. With 30+ dive sites ranging in character from beautiful coral gardens suitable for inexperienced divers, through to adrenaline charged drift dives where encounters with a variety of rays and sharks are commonplace, it has something to offer everyone.

Newly Discovered Persia II Wreck in Grenada

1st June 2017

Built in Germany, the cargo vessel Atlantik was built just before the start of WW2. She was refitted in 1950 and extended and she was renamed the Persia II in 1964.

Fall In Love With Somewhere New

Fall In Love With Somewhere New

14th February 2018

Despite us divers believing we are an adventurous bunch we still tend to fall back on tried and tested resorts. So the next time you plan to go away, why not consider a new twist on an old friend? Here are just a few suggestions:

Red Sea: Hamata