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Technical Diving

Technical Diving Course Requirements >Please note: Structure of courses may vary slightly in different resorts. 

Technical diving is fast becoming a popular sport with divers looking to go that bit deeper, for that bit longer, in safety. Participating in Technical diving courses can provide exhilarating dives, not open to recreationally trained divers. Silent canyons, deep wrecks and imposing walls can be accessed outside the realm of the usual dive profile.

PADI Tec Rec, BSAC and TDI courses available include; Nitrox, decompression courses, mixed gas courses and rebreather courses.

Dive Courses

Regaldive offer a range of Technical Diving courses to suit your needs, but below is sample of the most popular, as well as an outline of the pre-requisite levels of experience and qualifications required.

We also recommend that divers have a reasonable level of fitness and strength, as some of the kit is heavy!

Technical Diving Course Requirements

PADI Tec Rec

Tec 40 Course

The Tec 40 is the first subdivision of the full PADI Tec Deep. You will learn to how to use decompression software and dive computers to plan and make decompression dives with no more than 10 minutes of total decompression and not deeper than 40 metres / 130 feet. You will use a single cylinder of decompression gas with up to 50% oxygen (EANx50) to add conservatism to the required decompression.

Course Duration - 3 Days

Tec 45 Course

The Tec 45 course picks up where Tec 40 leaves off and takes your training as a Tec diver further and deeper. It is the second sub-course in the full PADI Tec Diver course. You will learn the skills, use of equipment and planning needed to dive to a maximum of 45 metres / 145 feet. You will acquire the knowledge to plan and execute single and repetitive decompression dives using a single stage cylinder of EANx or oxygen to accelerate or add conservatism to the decompression stops.

Course Duration - 3 Days

Tec 50 Course

This course completes your training as an entry-level Tec diver taking you past the limits of recreational diving. During your training you will make actual decompression dives as deep as 50 metres / 165 feet. You will be using enriched air Nitrox and / or oxygen for decompression and use desktop decompression software to create custom dive tables and plan your dives. By the end of the course you will qualify to make technical decompression dives independently.

Course Duration - 3 Days


TDI Programmes

TDI Helitrox Course

The Helitrox course examines the theory, methods and procedures for planned staged decompression diving utilizing Helium in the breathing mixture. The objective of this course is to train divers how to plan and conduct a standard staged decompression dive not exceeding a maximum depth of 45m. No more than 20% helium is permitted in the mix and no less than 21st oxygen.

This can be taught as a standalone course or in combination with Advanced Nitrox.


  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • Have a minimum certification of TDI Advanced eanx (or equivalent)
  • Show proof of 50 logged open water dives.

Course Duration: Four dives are required, with two dives deeper than 30m. Generally 3 days.

If Advanced Nitrox is taught in conjunction with the Helitrox course only a total of six dives are required. Generally 5 days.

TDI Advanced Trimix

The TDI Advanced Trimix Diver course is the top level of training for open circuit divers wishing to dive to depths as deep as 100 metres / 330 feet utilizing hypoxic levels of oxygen (below 17 percent). This course is perhaps one of the most informative and challenging and upon completion you are among some of the most elite divers.


  • Minimum of 18 years old
  • Minimum of 100 logged dives, with more than 25 deeper than 30m
  • An existing Extended Range diver or Trimix diver (or equivalent from a different agency)

Course duration: Four dives with a minimum accumulation of 100mins of bottom time. Generally, 5 days.

BSAC Courses

BSAC Evolution & Inspiration CCR

This is the entry level certification course for divers wishing to utilize a Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) for air diving. The objective of the course is to train divers in the benefits and hazards and proper procedures of diving a CCR and developing basic CCR diving skills to a maximum of 40m using an air diluents for minimal decompression diving.


  • Minimum of 18 years
  • BSAC Sports diver (or equivalent)
  • Have a minimum of 50 logged dives
  • BSAC advanced nitrox diver (or equivalent)

Course duration: 8 open water lessons with a minimum of 380 minutes. Generally 5 – 6 days.

Regaldive recommend the destinations of Malta or Egypt if divers are travelling from the UK to partake in these courses. Please ask Regaldive for information and quotes on the dive centres that have the facilities to run these courses.

Please note that prices, contents and structure of courses may vary slightly in different resorts.

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