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Galapagos Whale Shark Expedition

Whale shark expert Sofía Green Iturralde leads this diving holiday to the Galapagos. Staying on board the Aqua Galapagos liveaboard, we sail around the Galapagos Islands during prime whale shark season where we enjoy dives with manta rays, Galapagos sharks and penguins, sea lions, marine iguana, and of course whale sharks.


This itinerary allows you to enjoy the best of the island's dive sites whilst enjoying presentations and question and answer sessions on the Galapagos Whale Shark Project's research into these gentle creatures. The project was founded after learning little was known about these animals and the project aims to collect data and understand seasonality, frequency of sightings, behaviour and life cycle of whale sharks. During these evening sessions Sofía will share the findings and tell us more about the Galapagos Islands over the course of the week.


We spend our time diving some of the Galapagos' most famous dive sites including the 'Pillars of Evolution' - formerly known as Darwin's Arch, Cousin's Rock and Vicente Roca Point and on land we enjoy a leisurely hike to visit El Chato a protected Nature Reserve where giant tortoises can be observed in their natural habitat and plenty of other endemic wildlife can be seen.


Whale shark in Galapagos. Image by Jonathan Green Whale shark in Galapagos. Image by Jonathan Green




23 September 2024


Excluding international flights: 8 days from £5845 per person

Including international flights: 10 days from £6995 per person




  • International flights
  • Return domestic flights
  • 7 nights on Aqua Galapagos liveaboard
  • All meals, tea and coffee
  • Up to 19 dives
  • Expert guide
  • Local airport transfers (in Galapagos)
  • 1 night in Guayaquil hotel prior to liveaboard


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