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Southern Visayas

Southern Visayas from Mactan - Cebu, Bohol, Pescador, Apo and Negros islands

Multiple dates year round - 7 / 10 nights


The Visayas region is home to some of the best diving in the Philippines, with its wide diversity of marine life, steep coral covered walls, gentle sloping reefs and muck diving hotspots. These itineraries can encompass Cebu, Cabilao, Panglao, Balicasag and Pescador, along with dives at Apo Island marine sanctuary and Dauin.


The area offers fantastic macro life schooling fish, as well as the possibility of some larger pelagics too - if you are lucky you may see thresher sharks come in to feed on schools of sardines. Whale sharks may also be seen here during August and September.


Getting there: The South Visayas and Southern Leyte trips all start and end on Mactan Island which is reached via Cebu international airport, where you will be transferred to the boat.