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Philippines and Palau Combo

Cebu (Philippines) to Koror (Palau) - 13 night duration

Qualification required: PADI Open water or equivalent - no minimum number of logged dives required. However, we advise that all divers should be advanced open water or equivalent due to the depths of some dives.


This 13 night liveaboard adventure allows up to 42 dives including up to 7 night dives and offers the chance to combine the best of Philippines diving with the best of Palau! Usually available for full charters, this dream combination consists of 6 nights onboard S/Y Philippine Siren diving the Southern Visayas, followed by 6 nights onboard S/Y Palau Siren, with an overnight flight in the middle.


Philippines Diving Highlights

Pescador Island - off western Cebu: Famous for huge schools of sardines which also attract many pelagics, this spot is well-known for diving with thresher sharks and even whale sharks. Stunning walls are lined with gorgonians, soft and hard corals, leaving plenty of hiding places for giant frogfish, morays, trumpet fish, box fish and lots more!


'The Cars' - Dauin: The dark sand slope leads down to two artificially-sunk Volkswagens, covered with corals and sponges and home to schooling lionfish.There's plenty of macro life here just waiting to be discovered including porcelain crabs, ghost pipefish, nudibrachs of every shade and mimi octopus. Critter diving at it's best!


Apo Island Marine Reserve: Watch mandarin fish mating in a special sunset dive at The Chapel (night diving is not permitted at Apo Island) and enjoy an exhilarating, often fast-paced drift with turtles, humphead parrotfisg and marbled groupers at Coconut Point.


Black Forest - Balicasag: Black Forest was named after it's black coral covered ledges. Not so prevalent now, this site is a real hot spot for turtles and the lovely shallow seagrass beds make the perfect place for a relaxed safety spot watching the turtles feeding.


Palau Diving Highlights

Blue Corner: This is Palau's most famous dive site and has even been judged the top dive site worldwide! Steep sheer walls provide little shelter from fierce currents (reef hooks are usually recommended here). The currents bring black tip, white tip and grey reef sharks, plus huge schools of snapper, barracuda and jacks. Smaller creatures such as leaf fish and pipefish can be seen in amongst the coral gardens.


German Channel: This channel was created by miners during the German occupation (1899 - 1914) to enable easier transportation of phosphates that were being mined. The mouth of the channel is a great place to spot manta rays feeding on plankton or visiting the cleaning station bommies. White tip and black tip sharks are also common here. The channel here is over 1km long and allows for great drift diving, and so usually visited more than once during your trip!


Iro Maru wreck: A Japanese oil supply ship, sunk during World War II by American forces lies upright in just 20m of clear blue water close to the harbour of Koror. The bow is encrusted with corals and the gun mounted there is clearly visible as you descend the mooring line. Large groupers are commonly seen whilst schools of batfish hover above.


Jake Sea Plane: A reconnaissance float plane that lies fully intact, making for incredible photographs. This site usually offers little current and great visibility, and has attracted octopus, cuttlefish and nudibrach who have made the plane wreck their home.


Jelly Fish Lake (snorkelling): One of 70 inland lakes in Palau, this one offers the incredible opportunity to swim (safely!) with golden jellyfish who have evolved over time to shed their stining cells. A really once in a lifetime experience. (Currently closed - please check with Regaldive).