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Cocos Island




Arrival Day

You will need to arrive at least one day prior to the boat departure date.

The evening before boat departure, an Undersea Hunter representative will contact you to confirm your pick up time the next day. 


Day 1

The following day,  between 8am and 1pm you will be picked up from your hotel and transferred by bus to Puntarenas where you will board the vessel. The drive takes about 2.5 hours, and gives you a chance to view the lush forest and rich farmland of the region.


Due to occasional low tides the boat may need to depart from the pier earlier in the day. Should this occur, you will be transferred by skiff to the vessel. When all passengers have arrived on board, the vessel will take a 32-36 hour cruise out to Cocos Island.


Day 2

A travel day. There will be time to arrange dive and camera gear as well as enjoy the Pacific and the sunshine. Also, the group of incredibly experienced divers provides plenty of stories to pass the time. There are videos and the experience of the Captain and crew to help you get excited for the diving... as if you need them!


Days 3 - 8

Spent diving the pinnacles around the perimeter of Cocos Island. Divers usually average three dives per day at depths of 18-30 metres or more. This, of course, is what the whole trip is about. It will also be possible to do at least three night dives during the trip.


Day 9

Make the last 3 dives before the cruise back to Costa Rica and reality!


Day 10

Travel day - all day to discuss the diving and to compare your adventures!


Day 11

Arrival to Puntarenas. Immediately after breakfast you will be transferred back to San Jose. It is recommended that you stay one more night on land, before flying out, in case of any unforeseen delays.