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Nautilus - Socorro Island

Socorro Island Itinerary - 8 or 9 nights


The diving in the Socorro Islands is not for novice divers. Before attempting to dive in the Socorro Islands you should be completely comfortable in the water and comfortable with all aspects of your equipment. Having experience of diving in cold water with a thicker wetsuit and hood, as well as experience of diving in strong currents, up currents and down currents is highly recommended. Experience in mixed surface conditions, mixed currents and varying water temperatures, proficient use of a DSMB and the ability to cope in buddy pairs or on your own should you become temporarily separated, is imperative.


Regaldive advise that guests booking on to a Socorro Islands liveaboard should be minimum PADI Advanced or equivalent and have more than 50 logged dives.


This is a sample itinerary. The exact itinerary for your trip may change based on the weather and other ocean related conditions. Our aim is to offer you the very best diving experience in the safest and most comfortable way.


Day 1:  Enjoy sunny Cabo San Lucas before you board at 8:00pm.

  • Sailing Time: 9:00pm   

Day 2:  At sea. Evening arrival at San Benedicto Island. 


  • Safety Briefing 
  • Diver Orientation 
  • Manta 101   

Day 3:  San Benedicto - home to the friendliest giant mantas in the world! 


  • Enjoy the Nautilus Explorer’s famous Mexico taco fiesta on the upper deck.   

Day 4:  Dive at Socorro Island. Whale watching during Humpback Whale season 


  • Shark Behaviour   

Day 5:  Dive at Socorro Island. Night snorkel with Silky Sharks. 


  • Manta ID
  • Manta 101   

Day 6:  Dive at Roca Partida. 


  • Watching silky sharks under flood lights 
  • Manta 101   

Day 7:  Dive at Roca Partida. 


  • Chase the Ace: win the jackpot and help conservation. 
  • Manta 101   

Day 8:  Steam home. Making our way back to Cabo San Lucas. 


  • Ship shop
  • Trip slide show 
  • Cocktail with friends   

Day 9:  Disembarkation at 8:30am. Good bye until next time!