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Truk Odyssey



A Typical Dive Day Aboard Odyssey


Since each day aboard Odyssey offers new adventures, no day is really typical. Nothing is routine and the schedule will vary depending on location and weather conditions. Trips run from Sunday to Sunday with up to 5 dives daily off the mother ship.


The day aboard Odyssey begins after a 7:00am hot breakfast with your first dive briefing at around 7:45am. You will be able to do two dives before lunch. During lunch the Odyssey will usually move to a new site. After lunch, you have the option to either do another dive, or relax on the either of the sundecks, or in the privacy of your own stateroom. A late afternoon dive is also offered. At around 6:30 p.m. a sumptuous dinner will be waiting for you. After dinner you may choose to do a night dive. At night guests usually gather in the entertainment lounge to enjoy a movie, or review what was captured that day in video.


Since most of the dive sites in Truk Lagoon are fairly close to each other, it is easy for the Odyssey to move around. The best part about diving aboard the Odyssey is that they don't require everyone to dive at the same time. So, it is not unusual for you and your buddy to be the only divers on a 500' wreck. For photographers, this offers more opportunities to shoot those popular scenes, without having to wait for others to move out of the way.


Commonly Visited Wreck and Reef Sites

  • Rio de Janiero Maru - Awesome size. Photogenic propellers. Large engine room.
  • Hanakawa Maru - Lush soft and hard coral growth.
  • Fumitzuki Destroyer - Bow and stern guns, torpedo launcher.
  • Betty Bomber - Japanese small twin engine bomber.
  • Momokawa Maru - Aircraft parts, truck frames and artillery shells.
  • Shinkoku Maru - Lush coral growth. Fantastic marine life. Excellent engine room.
  • Aikoku Maru - Massive destruction of bow. Photogenic stern gun.
  • San Francisco Maru - Tanks on deck. Trucks, mines, bombs and ammunition in holds.
  • Pizion Reef - Wall dive. Large coral heads in the shallows. Sharks


Not all sites are visited every week. Weather, water conditions, dive skills and experience and guest requests are all taken into consideration with planning the particular itinerary of each trip.