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Elphinstone - Fury Shoal

DEPARTING FROM marsa alam / hamata

Experience Level: Aquarius requires that you are a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, or equivalent, for this itinerary.

Discover some of the most beautiful Red Sea dive sites between Marsa Alam and Fury Shoal.

The trip embarks/disembarks from either Marsa Alam or Hamata, depending on the previous itinerary. This exciting itinerary provides divers with a large variety of diving experiences, including caves, coral gardens, drop-offs, drift dives and wrecks.

Below you will find the description of one of the possible itineraries with departure from Hamata:

Saturday - Sunday

From Saturday afternoon until Sunday morning divers will be transferred from the airport.

The trip will start with a stunning dive at Abu Galawa Soraya. The wreck of a 14m sailing boat is sitting on its starboard on a sandy bottom at 16m and hides a myriad of glassfish. Divers will also encounter small coral heads covered with marine life, anemones and a tunnel at 4m leading to a superb view of a beautiful coral garden covered with pinnacles.

Abu Galawa Kebir
The hull of the Chinese wreck Tienstin (sunk in 1947) is listing slightly to starboard at a depth of 18m. The wreck is 20m long and exposed to currents.  It is covered with hard and soft corals. It may be possible to do a night dive on this site.


Sha’ab Claudio is covered with caves, giving it a cathedral-like appearance. The light shining through the caves makes the site especially popular with photographers. Divers may encounter white tip sharks in the morning, as well as a huge Napoleon wrasse that is a resident of the area. The dive will finish at a coral garden lying at a depth of between 5-20m.

Sha'ab Sataya (also known as Dolphin House) is a huge 20km long reef. This exceptional dive site is home to a pod of over 100 dolphins, often divided into several smaller groups. Divers will have plenty of time to snorkel in the area. It may also be possible to do a night dive on this site.


Malahi consists of a maze of canyons and caves down to 23m. This is another site that is popular with photographers due to the effects of the light shining through the caves. Divers can expect to see large schools of bannerfish, yellowfin goatfish and the occasional turtle passing by.

Gotta Even consists of a series of coral-covered blocks and pinnacles surrounded by small fish. Divers may also encounter white tip reef sharks. After the dive the boat will return to Sataya for the night.


Maksour is a large plateau similar to Elphinstone. Depending on the current divers will make 2 dives from a zodiac from the north to the south via the east or west side of the reef. The depth is around 20-25m and when diving on the south side you will find lots of soft corals visited by turtles. After the dives the boat will continue to Wadi Gimal for the night.


There are over a dozen dive sites at Wadi Wadi Gimal, a protected reef. Diving here is dependent on optimal weather conditions. Divers can expect to encounter turtles, napoleons, jacks, tuna and barracuda. plus hard and soft corals and large table corals.

Shaab Sharm is a huge coral mountain (circa 700m long) with plateaux at either end that drop to a depth of 30m. The reef is characterised by many types of hard and soft coral. During the dive you will discover a number of large table corals, as well as large tuna, schools of barracudas, white tip sharks and napoleons


The iconic Elphinstone needs no introduction to divers. is offering 2 plateaus, one on the north and the other one on the south. The reef is often visited by hammerheads,  and large schools of barracuda and tuna will be visible in the blue. The second dive on the southern plateau will offer divers the chance to encounter large trevally, napoleon wrasse and - the highlight of the show - Oceanic White tip sharks.

The boat will return to Marsa Alam on Friday afternoon for dinner and overnight stay (depending on the itinerary it is possible that the last night will be spent in a hotel.


After breakfast divers will be transferred to the airport for their return flights.

: In the event the departure would take place from Marsa Alam, a check dive at Shouna will be scheduled before the dives at Elphinstone.

Please note:
You are expected to be able to complete each dive with your buddy or following the guide. The guides may not enter the water and may remain onboard as surface support for some dives. As with all diving activities, the dive guide has the final decision regarding any divers competency to complete any particular dive. This is a sample itinerary and is subject to change without notice. The itinerary will depend on several factors including, but not limited to, weather, diving ability of guests & the number of other boats already present at the various dive sites.