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Deep South Borderlands

Departing from Marsa Alam

This itinerary takes you further south than ever before in the Egyptian Red Sea!



You must be a PADI Open Water diver or equivalent to join this safari.

As with all diving activities, the dive guide has the final decision regarding any divers competency to complete any particular dive.


Sample Itinerary:

Please note that the itinerary set out below is a sample, and that no dive sites can be guaranteed. All dives sites are subject to weather conditions and the final route taken is at the absolute discretion of the captain and dive guides.

Day 1 - Shaab Marsa Alam, Shaab Sharm and Dahra Wadi Gimal.

Day 2 - Shaab Abu Fandera and Ohrob Reef.

Day 3 - Kabrit Wreck, Shaab Kabrit, Shaab Shallal and Ohrob Reef.

Day 4 - Habilli Ohrob, Habilli Abu Fandera and Dangerous Reef (St. Johns).

Day 5 - St. Johns and Fury Shoal.

Day 6 - Shaab Sharm and Shaab Marsa Alam.


Itinerary highlights:

Travelling south of St. Johns reef, this itinerary offers the opportunity to explore the quiet and pristine dive sites on the Egypt/Sudan border. Liveaboards rarely visit this region and with no day boats you will be left to explore the area in virtual solitude. This itinerary is perfect for those who have dived the Red Sea many times and are looking for something a little different.


Wreck of Shoab Kabrit

The main section of the Kabrit wreck including propeller, lies between 11 and 30 metres in a beautiful coral garden. The wreck is broken in two and the front end lies in a vertical position off the wall from 30 metres. This dive allows the opportunity to explore this large wreck and also the surrounding coral garden.


Habili Ohrob

This cluster of pinnacles is covered in beautiful soft corals of all colours and also a few large fan corals around the bottoms. Pinnacles start at around 6 metres and go down to around 25 metres. Large numbers of schooling fish such as barracuda, tuna and jacks can been seen between the pillars and in the deeper areas there is the possibility to see sharks. The reef tops are covered in yellow soft coral and anthias making for an absolutely stunning safety stop!


Gota Kabrit

This is a small reef next to the main reef of Kabrit. The dive often starts on the south side of the reef where two pinnacles drop down to a depth of 30 metres and there is a good chance of seeing sharks. After exploring the pinnacles you can make your way along the reef wall where you will see a beautiful variety of soft corals.


Note: The above, is a sample itinerary and is subject to change without notice. The itinerary will depend on several factors including, but not limited to, weather, diving ability of guests & the number of other boats already present at the various dive sites. All dive sites visited are subject to weather conditions and are at the discretion of your dive guides and vessel captain.