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Red Sea Grand Tour

Experience the best of the southern Red Sea all in 7 days.


  • Shark encounters at Brothers, Daedalus, and Elphinstone
  • Stunning reefs of St Johns
  • Dramatic topography of Rocky and Zabargad Island

Diver and oceanic white-tip sharkCave diving at St Johns in Egypt

Areas visited on this liveaboard include:


Brothers, Daedalus, & Elphinstone

These offshore reefs are a must-visit to any diver who loves shark activity. The strong currents bring in nutrients, which create huge hard corals and abundant marine activity. Oceanic White-tip sharks among other pelagics are common throughout the year, and during the early summer months, hammerheads and manta rays have been spotted. 


St Johns 

The southern reefs are known for the remarkable overhangs, caverns, and bommies all covered in a mix of soft and hard corals. This truly unique areas and is a photographer's heaven with rays of light filtering through the ocean into the underwater landscape. The reef formation is not the only thing that will stun you at St Johns; the marine life and colours of the soft corals are some of the best in the Red Sea. With any luck, dolphins or other pelagics will join you on your dives.


Rocky & Zabargad Islands

The island of Zabargad is an amazing dive spot. It is characterised by an enormous mountain reaching out of the water, surrounded by a lagoon and circling reef. There are a couple of wrecks and a vast variety of corals and reef fish. Rocky Island is surrounded by a fringing reef with a sudden drop-off, however it is above 12 m where fish life is more active. Watch the blue for life but take care as there can be strong currents.

EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: It is a prerequisite that divers are qualified to a minimum of Advanced PADI Open Water, or equivalent, with a minimum of 50 logged dives. Deep Spec is recommended, but not compulsory.