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24 Aug 2021, Phil North

green list, green light, amber list, amber light

The world is gradually getting bigger again for us divers. The Green List has now been updated and fully vaccinated divers no longer have to quarantine on return to the UK from Amber List destinations. Find out where you can travel to below.

Green List

Azores - Find out more about diving in the Azores.

Grenada - Find out more about diving in Grenada.

Madeira - Find out more about diving in Madeira.

Malta - Find out more about diving in Malta.

Amber List

Boniare - Find out more about diving in Bonaire.

Canary Islands - Find out more about diving in the Canary Islands.

Curaçao - Find out more about diving in Curaçao.

Egypt - Find out more about diving in Egypt.

Maldives - Find out more about diving in the Maldives.

Oman - Find out more about diving in Oman.

Sardinia - Find out more about diving in Sardinia.

St. Lucia - Find out more about diving in St. Lucia.

St. Maarten - Find out more about diving in St Maarten.

There are positive times ahead for travel and no doubt you’re keen to get diving overseas. With restrictions easing and more destinations welcoming visitors it is a great time to plan your diving adventures and have something to look forward to. For your peace of mind, you can book with our flexi Covid booking promise which covers a range of holidays. Check out our special offers, we have some excellent resort and liveaboard deals for early birds! 

Whether you are looking for a late summer adventure, some autumn diving or to escape our winter months get in touch and we will guide you through all the latest travel requirements.

The information in this blog is correct from 17/09/2021

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