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21 Feb 2019, Lizzie Walker-Arnott

dive red sea

If you’re looking for truly incredible dive experiences at an affordable price, the Red Sea could be the perfect destination for your next diving holiday…

But what’s so great about diving in the Red Sea? 

The Climate
Discover the underwater world of the Red Sea year round, as water temperatures rarely fall below 22C even in the middle of winter and can reach highs of 30C in summer, while the air temperatures range from 20-40C year round.

The Water
The warm, clear waters of the Red Sea attract an incredible abundance of marine life with visibility reaching up to 40m making it perfect for underwater photographers or as a place to learn to dive.

The Reefs
With incredible biodiversity and beautiful bright colours, the reefs in the Red Sea are a wonderful reason to visit. More than 220 different species of hard and soft coral thrive here along with more than 1,100 fish species, of which almost a fifth can’t be found anywhere else on Earth. For the most spectacular reefs, head to Ras Mohammed National Park in the north (via liveaboard) or Fury Shoals from Hamata in the south.

The Wrecks
The northern Red Sea has multiple brilliant wrecks, the most famous being the iconic S.S. Thistlegorm (accessed by liveaboard). Four wrecks can be explored at Abu Nuhas from either a liveaboard or day boat from El Gouna. Many other wrecks are covered in stunning bright corals, full of interesting preserved artefacts or frequented by pelagic species.

The Marine Life
Egypt has it all, from large pelagics to tiny critters, a spectacular array of marine life for diving enthusiasts of all abilities. In the warmer summer months, the periodic plankton bloom attracts larger pelagic species including several species of shark, manta rays on the offshore reefs and the occasional whale shark sighting. Both bottlenose and spinner dolphins are regularly seen as are fevers of eagle rays and the iconic blue spotted ray. Expect to encounter green and hawksbill turtles, clownfish, lionfish, Napoleon wrasse and perhaps the elusive dugong. Large schools of fish can also arrive at various dive sites…

…all this and the Egyptian Red Sea is only a short 5hr flight from the UK!


At Regaldive we offer a choice of nine Egyptian Red Sea resorts and a comprehensive range of liveaboards. For help on deciding where to visit, speak to a member of our expert team on 01962 302087 or send us an email! 

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