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6 Nov 2019, Regaldive Team

Sharm El Skeikh, red sea

Sharm El Sheikh is now re-open to British divers! The Regaldive team are so excited about this news and here share their favourite memories of this fantastic diving area!

"Having been dropped off in Jackson Reef, my best mate and I allowed the gentle drift of the current to push us back towards where our small dive boat was moored.

Stopping to look into the small nooks and crevices, we shallowed our dive, enjoying the contrast of the beautiful open water and the compactness of the reef system.

As we hung at 5m to complete our safety stop, I turned my back on the reef, taking my time to stare into the deep and vast blue, with a sense of wonder.

A fish caught my eye. Was this a Jack? It got closer and bigger. It was coming right at me and it was a very, very big fish. I grabbed my mate and spun him around off the reef. I could hear him shouting and swearing at me as I rudely interrupted his last moments of peace, but he had to admit, it was worth it. No more than 3 meters in front of us, a very large adult scalloped hammerhead shark had come to check us out. Being my first interaction with a Hammer, that moment will live with me forever."

Charlie Munns

Scalloped hammerhead in the Red Sea

"The crystal visibility at Gordon Reef gave me the sensation of flying as we drifted over the corals. The reef was busting with life, it was incredible to see that the coral were so vibrant and to watch as the Anthias pulsed in and out of hiding. My favourite moment was watching a lionfish chase an octopus over the hard corals, watching the octopus outsmart the Lion time and time again made me very happy. A truly magic dive site."
Joanna Charter

Anthias and corals in the Red Sea, Egypt. Image by Orca Dive Cllub

Image by Orca Dive Club

"On an early morning dive on a well-deserved day off, my instructor buddy and I jumped on the wall of Shark Reef full of the anticipation of Summer.

The reef was spattered with colour as usual, with the orange anthias facing upwards, gently swimming against the current.  It was silent, devoid of the sound of boat engines above that you might hear during the late morning.

From the corner of my eye, I caught the shimmer of a shoal of barracuda.  They circled together, chasing each other’s tails in a mesmerising dance of silver.  Out of nowhere, a solitary Limbatus (black tip oceanic) pushed through the school into the blue.  The barracuda scarpered and then went back into formation almost immediately.

Then two oceanics darted through the school like bullets, turned and waited on the perimeter of the silver turning orb.  As we marvelled excitedly to await their next move a third, then a fourth shark came into the game.  It was as though they were herding the baitball. 

We watched motionless.  There would be either no movement for some time or sudden shafts of silver speeding by.  It was a ballet of strategy from both parties.

I realised we had lost the reef and looked up to orientate myself to the sunlight.  The sharks and the barracuda gradually moved forward, we followed and I could make out the darkness of the looming coral tower ahead.  They had kindly navigated us back to the safety of the wall.  If it hadn’t been for the falling needle on my pressure gauge I could have watched their dance all day long!"
Cath Bates

Oceanic white-tip shark in the Red Sea

"Jackfish Alley was always one of my favourite sites; it always felt like the kind of place where anything might appear out the blue. On this particular day, we had come to the end of our dive, and the one turned to zero on my computer as my safety stop came to an end. I took one last look around, as we all do at the end of a dive… just in case.

Appearing from the distance were two magnificent eagle rays, locked in an elegant dance. They came so close, circling and swooping around me in a truly magical encounter. Needless to say, my safety stop lasted a little longer than it needed to on that particular day!"
Phil North

Pair of spotted eagle rays

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