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Southern Itinerary


The tours start every Sunday leaving from Filitheyo. Beginning from Nilandhe Atoll, the route usually includes the Meemu Atoll and then travel up to Felidhoo Atoll. In the Meemu Atoll you will dive reefs and channels like the Manta spots Valley of the Ray oder Boahura Express, Mantas & More, Rayvilla Wreck, Kingdom of Fish, Western Highlight, Happy Corner and Lucky Reef. Further North, dive sites like Fotteyo and Golden Wall are on the agenda. With a lot of luck, you can see hammerhead sharks there.

Meemu is one of the five most southerly atolls in the Maldives, with very little tourism development.  Regaldive’s itineraries follow a combination of established dive sites alongside exploratory ones making it both challenging and exciting. Expect waters that are abundant in the marine life one expects from the Maldives. 

Regaldive’s Meemu, Thaa and Laamu atoll itineraries are conducted from MY Sheena, the pioneer of liveaboard diving in these waters. This area will appeal to experienced divers looking to travel beyond the regular tourist map and experience some exceptional diving.


Divers should ensure that they have a minimum of 60 logged dives for this trip.