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The Trinity is the Caribbean's latest shipwreck and first artificial reef off the Island of Tobago in over 20 years. Located just in front of the Blue Waters Inn Hotel, sitting adjacent to the stunning Batteaux Reef in an average depth of 80ft, the Trinity provides the best of both wreck and reef diving.

On 20 August 2016 the former supply vessel “Trinity” was carefully sunk on the southern side of Batteaux Bay. Having been stripped and cleaned prior to sinking, this new 100ft wreck sits in 75 feet of water and is suitable for intermediate and advanced level divers. Access points for divers have been created to ensure a safe dive environment and being only a short boat ride from Blue Waters Inn, this wreck is bound to provide an exciting new opportunity for divers visiting Tobago. The wreck is destined to become an artificial reef that will contribute to the existing natural ecosystem of the area.

Blue Waters Inn is a beachfront resort tucked away in its own secluded bay amongst 46 acres of lush tropical grounds. Located in Batteaux Bay - Speyside, far from the tourist trail, Blue Waters Inn is a great place to relax and a superb base from which to discover some of the finest diving in the Caribbean. As the new Trinity wreck is located just in the front of the Blue Waters Inn Hotel, adjacent to the stunning Batteaux Reef, divers have convenient access to great wreck and reef diving. Guests normally dive with the Blue Waters Dive'n dive centre on-site at the hotel.

Blue Waters Inn is a lovely boutique hotel with 38 rooms, all with ocean views. The Captain’s Table restaurant offers a changing menu of local and international specialities including fresh seafood, in a relaxed, casual atmosphere. The breakfast buffet is also served here and guests can enjoy their meal out on the deck overlooking the sea. The Shipwreck Bar is an ideal place to enjoy a beachfront cocktail and is renowned on the island for the quality of its lunch specials. 

The hotel has a lovely swimming pool, right on the beach, and kayaking, snorkelling and tennis are also available. The hotel is located just over an 1 hour away from Crown Point International Airport.

For more details, contact our specialist team on 01353 659 999 or by email, or visit Blue Waters Inn

The video below shows the sinking of the Trinity and gives a taste of exploring this exciting new wreck:

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