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16 Jul 2020, Phil North

malta, gozo diving

The Maltese archipelago comprises three islands in close proximity: Malta, Gozo and little Comino. Together, they form a wonderful playground for divers of all abilities.

Sheltered bays, natural harbours and cliffs slip beneath some of the Mediterranean's clearest waters to create magnificent shore diving opportunities and underwater topography, while the island is dotted with fascinating shipwrecks and plenty of dive sites for the more experienced. 

Here, we share just a few of the archipelago’s fascinating dive sites.

Blue Hole 

Regularly voted the best dive of the Mediterranean, this iconic dive site on the west coast of Gozo has been carved out by centuries of wind and wave action. The dive begins in a shallow water shelf sitting atop the famous Blue Hole Cavern. Exiting via a rectangular photogenic archway adorned with golden cup corals, the dive continues to a series of large boulders tumbling down from 5 metres to more than 50 metres, creating fantastic diving opportunities for all levels of divers. One not to be missed.

Divers emerging from the Blue Hole dive site in Malta


Many wrecks have come to rest at diveable depths in the waters around Malta. The P29 may not be the most iconic (that title likely goes to the Blenheim Bomber) but she could be the most popular. The P29 began life as a German minesweeper and still features her machine gun. In later life, this 62 metre vessel was employed as a patrol boat for the Maltese authorities, before being scuttled. She lies just 150m off the northern coast of Malta and is easily reached.

P29 wreck in Malta

Reqqa Reef

With an exposed location and a tricky entry, this is one for the more experienced diver. The rewards are plentiful however. Descending to 30 metres, and then dropping off again down to 60 metres, this dive site brims with life that dance in the nutrient-rich waters. Divers may encounter schools of dentex in a feeding frenzy, along with large grouper and clouds of smaller marine life. Add in the submerged chimneys and topography, and you have a dive site that challenges and enthrals in equal measure. 

Reqqa Point in Malta

Santa Maria Caves

Malta is spoilt for choice when it comes to fascinating underwater topography, caverns, caves and swim-throughs. Selecting the best is not easy, but the Santa Maria caves on Comino are certainly one of the most popular for good reason. A great dive for all levels of diver, this photogenic dive site offers a multitude of wonderful swim-throughs and caverns and is also rich in marine life. Divers may spot octopus, morays and nudibranch, and cannot fail to spot the schools of banded sea bream that tend to engulf divers. A dive site that always leaves a smile on your face!

Santa Maria caves in Malta

Image by Pete Bullen

Inland sea and tunnel 

Undoubtedly one of the most popular dive sites, the inland sea is a natural sea water pool with a deep, narrow, 80 metre long tunnel through the cliff leading to the open sea. White pebbles form a semi-circular beach surrounded by boathouses, one of which was conveniently turned into a café. The sea is deep and most recreational divers dive on the wall far from the seabed, while light from the sun casts dazzling patterns. The Inland Sea’s easy shore access and depth make it perfect for deeper dives for qualified divers. 

Inland Sea and Tunnel dive site in Malta

Image by Viewing Malta

Enjoy the fabulous diving of this archipelago from either Malta or Gozo, or extend your trip to combine the two islands. Just a short flight from the UK, Malta, Gozo and Comino make for the ideal summer or autumn diving adventure from the UK.

We feature a range of accommodation options from self-catering apartments to hotels with all amenities, and only work with the most experienced and professional dive centres to ensure a safe and highly enjoyable Maltese adventure.

Contact us to book your diving holiday to Malta.