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16 May 2019, Catherine Strong

malta, Gozo, wreck diving

Why Malta should be at the top of your must-dive list this summer!

1) Malta offers some of the best diving in the Mediterranean, and there are plenty of topside activities for non-diving partners too. There are wrecks and stunning underwater seascapes to explore for experienced and technical divers, but Malta also makes an ideal location for learner divers and those wanting to - all of this just a short flight away from the UK.

2) Malta’s underwater topography is stunning – there are caves and caverns to explore, but it’s the island’s extraordinary number of wrecks that attracts many divers. Malta’s strategic location in the Mediterranean Sea has made it the focus for many ruling powers throughout history and it is, in part, this legacy which has led to dozens of shipwrecks around its shores.

3) Warm water and excellent visibility mean that whether you’re exploring wrecks on a technical dive, or taking your first steps underwater as a learner diver, Malta makes a great dive destination.

4) Gozo – a dive holiday in Malta can easily be combined with a stay on the neighbouring island of Gozo. With 44km of coastline, and 50 dive sites to explore off Gozo and the tiny island of Comino, plus submarine arches, tunnels and caves to navigate, Gozo makes an excellent addition to any Malta dive holiday.

5) Plenty of topside interest on Malta and Gozo – Malta’s capital, Valletta, is a World Heritage Site and historic highlights include the Grand Master’s Palace and St John’s Cathedral, plus winding medieval streets and attractive squares. There’s also a great choice of restaurants, bars and cafés. With lovely beaches and coves, plus a network of walking and cycling trails to enjoy, it’s worth spending some time exploring on land as well as under the water. If you can extend your holiday to include time on the unspoilt neighbouring island of Gozo, fishing villages, a hilltop citadel and a wonderfully relaxed pace of life await.

For more information, or to plan your diving holiday to Malta and Gozo, speak to the Regaldive team on 01353 659999 or send us an email!

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