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RedTec: Extreme

blue o two "RedTec Extreme" technical diving weeks are tailored to guests who want to enjoy dives of up to 100 metres. Visit dive sites which are only accessible to those diving deeper than 80 metres, including some spectacular wreck dives.


This itinerary is for experienced technical divers, capable of diving to 100m. There would normally be only one dive per day during the trip. Due to the nature of the sites visited, this trip is not suitable for divers who are not tech qualified.

As with all diving activities, the dive guide has the final decision regarding any divers competency to complete any particular dive.


Equipment Details:

Open circuit divers will use a twinset and three 12l stages.

CCR divers will also use three 12l stages.

Gas information is shown within the itinerary.


Planned Itinerary:


Please note that this plan is subject to change based on weather or other conditions outside of our control. Where possible, similar alternative dive sites will be offered when it is not possible to complete the planned itinerary.


Day One:


Depart the marina and head out to sea.

Dive 1: Gota Abu Ramada/Fanous (10-12m)
 Shallow check dive with empty stages for buoyancy check. Back gas air/nitrox.

Dive 2: Poseidon (14m)
 Back gas only.


Day Two:


Dive 3: The Wrecks of Sha'abruhr Umm Gamar (100m)


After a 7am breakfast there will be time for preparation and equipment checks before a 10:30am briefing. The dive will be carried out between 11am and 3pm.

The finger shaped reef of Sha'abruhr Umm Gamar offers a perfect multilevel wreck dive. At the north tip lays the Gulf Fleet 31 (also known as the Cable Layer) which lies between 90 and 103m. Continuing along the east side of the reef, divers will encounter the wreck of "Colona IV" a liveaboard which sank in 1995 and now sits in 66m of water. Finally towards the south point of the reef there is a small patrol/supply vessel which sunk on its way to Shedwan Island and now lies in 25-35m. Then deco stops can be completed on the spectacular reef to end the dive.


Day Three:


Dive 4: Al Qamar Al Saudi Al Misri (74-85m)

A highlight of the trip, the wreck of the 125m long, 7600 ton ferry, Al Qamar Al Saudi Al Misri was discovered by Paul Vinten & Aaron Bruce. She sank on the 19th May 1994 after an explosion in the engine room and subsequent fire while carrying 505 passengers & 63 crew, with the loss of 21 lives. The wreck lies in 83m of water with a minimum depth of 64m on the port side hull. It is intact, lying on its starboard side making for an absolutely fantastic technical dive.


Day Four:


Tiran: Only accessible by boat, the dive area is found in the entrance to the Gulf of Aqaba and is made up of four main reefs that form the top of an underwater bridge. These reefs, named after British cartographers (Jackson, Woodhouse, Thomas, Gordon), are world famous for their extraordinary diversity of corals and strong south westerly currents make them home to many large pelagic fish.


Dive 5: Thomas Canyon, Tiran (95m)


Day Five:


Dive 6: Wreck of the Lara, Jackson Reef, Tiran (60-85m)


Day Six:


Dive 7: Rosalie Moller (up to 50m)

This wreck offers a natural multilevel dive profile both inside and outside and the slightly greenish water creates a mystical ambiance rarely found on other Red Sea wrecks. With the main deck on 35m and the propeller and rudder at 45m this is the perfect wreck for technical divers. Accessible through the workshop and easy to penetrate, the engine room reaches a maximum depth of 38m and the superstructure can be explored up to 30m before you start your ascent.

Back gas air or top-off on trimix.


Return to the marina in the afternoon.


For further information on gases / deco stops etc. please contact our Sales Team.