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Diving Only

You don't have to book your entire holiday package through Regaldive in order to be able to take advantage of our fantastic dive pack and course prices. If you have already booked your flights and arranged your accommodation, consider making the most of Regaldive's excellent prices and booking your diving in advance. 

Advantages in booking your diving in advance:

  1. You can be confident that the dive centre you will be booked with is a safe and reputable dive centre.
  2. If you are travelling during a busy time (and remember that just because it is not a busy time in the UK to travel, does not apply to other nationalities from other countries), there is no guarantee that the dive centre will be able to offer you what you would like in the timescale you have in mind. This applies to courses in particular, where diver to instructor ratios change according to the course type, the age of people participating, prevailing local conditions etc.
  3. In the majority of cases, you will pay less for your dive package when reserving in advance, due to the agreements we have in place with our longstanding suppliers. Sometimes, one forgets to take into account local taxes, bank charges, fixed local exchange rates and local credit card charges before calculating the true cost of booking direct.
  4. Divers may get caught out if the dive centre you have booked with goes bust. All monies paid to Regaldive are 100% financially secure.

In short, booking your diving in advance gives you more peace of mind! 

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Diving only bookings are also available for Regaldive's range of other destinations around the world.

Please note: Diving only bookings are normally subject to an administration fee of £15 per person.