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  1. Three Corners Ocean View

    El Gouna, Egypt (Red Sea)

    This well-appointed adults only hotel is in a superb location, just a few minutes' walk from the centre of the picturesque marina of El Gouna.

    Offer: Save £30 per person on a 7 night stay

    Dive Centre on Site

  2. Grafton Beach Resort

    Tobago, Caribbean

    Grafton Beach Resort is set on a five acre hillside plot on the palm-fringed stretch of beach known as Stonehaven Bay. With a range of facilities including dive centre on site, this resort boasts a beautiful location and is sure to become a favourite with Regaldive guests.

    Offer: FREE upgrade to All Inclusive and Ocean View Room

    Nitrox Available

    Dive Centre on Site

    Beach Fronted

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