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Dewi Nusantara Raja Ampat

12 Days / 11 Nights with 9½ days of diving


The following itinerary is for example purposes only. Your actual itinerary may vary due to weather or other environmental conditions and at the Captain's discretion in order to seek out the best available diving during your cruise.


Day 1 (Embarkation)

  • Bali Gateway: Fly from Ujung Padang to Sorong.
  • Manado Gateway: Fly from Manado to Sorong.
  • Jakarta Gateway: Fly from Jakarta to Sorong.
  • Transfer from airport to Dewi Nusantara.
  • Embark Dewi Nusantara.


You’ll be picked up at the airport of Sorong and taken to the yacht by private transfer. Once all guests are onboard, we will leave the harbor and head for the breathtaking region of Misool.


Day 2 Misool

We’ll do our check out dive at a calm site chosen to familiarize you with the region. The dive site, Vrenelies Gärtli is very large and diverse, easily affording several dives here. Dive-throughs, drop-offs and over hangs, all covered in beautiful corals makes Vrenelies Gärtli a special site. There is time in the afternoon to explore the incredible landscape by zodiac. Above the water, Misool is a breathtaking region with caves, caverns and huge rocks covering the landscape. Underwater, it’s a wonderful combination of various species of fish, hard and soft corals, sponges, nudibranches plus all kinds of non-vertebrates like cuttlefish and octopus. There are also epaulet sharks here, only found in Raja Ampat.


Day 3 Misool

Day three is a special day on which we will combine more great diving around Misool with an excursion into the fabulous island labyrinth. We’ll go by zodiac through channels and valleys. Enjoy a walk to a cave on land and a visit to see native tombstones. 


Day 4 Mansuar

We’ll head north away from Misool to Mansuar, an Island that could easily be re-named Manta Island. Not much more you can say about the diving here. 


Day 5 Jef Fam

From Mansuar we’ll head a little northwest to Jef Fam, a group of islands featuring sites where you’ll once again have the opportunity to see the wobbegong and epaulet sharks, unique to the region. You’ll dive the region of Batu Burung where the dive sites are covered in colorful hard corals. A couple of other notable sites are Dinding Mera, a spectacular red wall full of soft corals and nudibranches and Warna Banyak, a relaxing drift dive through a coral-filled channel. 


Day 6 Kawe

Kawe is our next destination and will take us to the top of the equator. Here you’ll visit Jurang Dalam, sometimes called ‘deep valley’ though it is only 25 feet in depth. For some reason it attracts sweetlips, Barsche, Glasfische, batfish and napoleons. Other sites you might visit include Batu Kiri and Hutam Hitam. There’s also Berbados Cadas with its split rocks and dive-through which offers a topographical change to the scenery of this region.


Day 7 Wajag

We’ll move a little more north to Wajag where you’ll enjoy topside and underwater adventure. Zodiac excursions through the labyrinth will provide breathtaking images that will last a lifetime. Underwater, the landscape is quite different with Jamur Selatan, Jamur Tengan & Utara rising up in the sea like mushrooms. With an agreeable current, you can easily dive around them. At times, the currents from the Antarctic bring cool water and huge schools of jackfish, tuna, rays and even blue marlins! 


Day 8 Uranie

Today, we’ll arrive at Uranie where there’s a large cavern waiting to be explored! This cavern is huge with ample light coming in so you need not worry about claustrophobia. The atmosphere in the cavern is mystical and calm, offering a fascinating light show. Below on the cavern’s bottom you’ll see sleeping sharks that seem unreal. From here we’ll most likely move to Batu Coquille where huge rocks rise up from the ground and water. The current here draws manta rays and barracudas. 


Day 9 Waigeo/Eagle Rock

We’ll make our way to the area of Waigeo where we’ll visit Eagle Rock, just around the corner. Eagle Rock is unlike anything you’ve seen so far. The protruding rocks in the middle of the sea are quite spectacular. On dives here you’ll find white beaches with black coral gardens, great visibility, sweetlips, batfish and a variety of rays. In the afternoon we’ll visit Sel Pele Bay where topside and underwater delights await. 


Day 10 Wafak

Wafak is the so called black forest of Indonesia. At about 90 feet there’s a black coral garden to enjoy at your leisure. We’ll stay here for a sunset dive and hope to see Mandarin fish and mimic octopus. 


Day 11 Kri

We’ll be in Kri today where world records in counting different species have been broken. You’ll be able to get some great pictures here where famous underwater photographers have shot some of their best work. We’ll head back to Sorong for departure while we enjoy our final night celebration onboard with a special traditional song and dance presentation.


Day 12 (Dis-Embark) Sorong

Disembarkation in Sorong. You’ll be taken to the airport by our private transfer.


  • All domestic flights back to your Indonesia Gateway city complete their journey on this day.
  • Overnight in Indonesia gateway city