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Dewi Nusantara Raja Ampat - Ambon

Raja Ampat - Ambon


The following itinerary is for example purposes only. Your actual itinerary may vary due to weather or other environmental conditions and at the Captain's discretion in order to seek out the best available diving during your cruise.


Leave Sorong and head toward Misool Area:
Diving around Misool Area for 4/5 days


Diving Highlights:


Magic Mountain
Fantastic ‘mountain’ from 6m to 30m covered in soft coral, with a beautiful hard coral top, sandy slop and ridge. Plentiful fish life and depending on the current, mantas and sharks, plus large schools of barracuda, jacks and fusiliers. This is the kind of site that gives such a great overall view that you won’t focus on the small things but there are reef octopus, nudibranch and pygmy seahorses here. This is a dive that suits experienced divers as there can be a strong current.


Fiabacet Area
Including Tank Rock and Nudi Rock - tiny little islands in front of the Misool Eco Resort that are full of life – fish, fans and soft corals! This is a superb dive, especially with added current to bring all the fish life in. The tops of both islands are covered in bright and spectacular soft corals and with the current you really get to see a colourful garden. The walls of the islands have huge fans and quite a few pygmies have been discovered here.


Boo Windows
This is an iconic site that is the subject of many photos. There are three main windows through the island which is really two islands adjoining each other. The soft coral at this site is really spectacular and vibrant in colour. Great fish life too with lots of schooling fish, white tip and grey reef sharks, and a big school of batfish. At certain times of the year the site is home to many silversides which can be so thick you cannot even see the reef through them.


Four Kings
Four mini mountains all joined together in the Wayil area. Lots of fans cover the site plus soft coral and again with a little current, this site can be very fishy and exciting. Not a site for many small things, however there are pygmies here but the whole scenery is simply breathtaking.


Sagof and Forundi
These two areas are very near each other and give a whole different look to the other parts nearer the Misool Eco Resort. Steep walls are covered in plentiful soft corals and big fans. Great for nudibranch and pygmy discoveries. Schools of silversides are common, and with them, mobula rays.


Boano Island
There are two ways to go down to Ambon, however the boat usually takes the West Side of Seram. This is mostly exploratory diving however Boano Island on the North West Side of Seram has already shown some great diving and critters. There is a wall and slope area that the boat often frequents and here you can find frogfish, leaf scorpion fish, many different pipefish, cuttlefish, nudis etc. There is good soft coral here too which is great for critter hunting.


Asaudi Islands
There are a number of islands here and lots to explore. Beautiful corals, mantas and eagle rays. Also a selection of smaller nudis and critters. These islands are very pretty top side  - small coconut tree covered islands with white sandy beaches.


Pulau Lain
This small island is not far from the main entrance into Ambon Harbour. It’s a bit of an unusual site however the marine life here is great! Here you can encounter some very big moray eels and even get to see the black spotted moray. Look out for frogfish, nudis, cuttlefish and more. This is a very nice site to watch the convict fish and watch out for the mother convict fish.


Ambon Harbour - Laha
This is world renowned muck diving with top quality critters! Prepare to see rhinopias, harlequin shrimp, coleman shrimp on fire urchins, sea horses, frogfish galore, leaf scorpion fish, octopus of every sort and lots more… top diving!