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Dewi Nusantara Komodo



Welcome to Komodo National Park - the land that time forgot! This is an iconic dive liveaboard journey to a place of dazzling coral reefs, spectacular marine life, fierce dragons and smoking volcanoes - a real life “Jurassic Park” above and below the surface of the seas.


Komodo is one of the last frontiers of the underwater world and a guaranteed dive adventure of a lifetime. Located in the centre of the Indonesian archipelago, between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores, Komodo National Park was established in 1980 to conserve the unique Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis) and its habitat. Over the years, the goals for the Park have expanded to protecting its entire biodiversity, both terrestrial and marine. In 1986, the Park was declared a World Heritage Site and a Man and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.
Komodo National Park includes three major islands: Komodo, Rinca and Padar, as well as numerous smaller islands creating a total surface area (marine and land) of 1817km. As well as numerous unique land-based species, the Park includes one of the world’s richest marine environments including coral reefs, mangroves, seagrass beds, seamounts, and semi-enclosed bays. These habitats harbour more than 1,000 species of fish, some 260 species of reef-building coral, and 70 species of sponges. Dugong, sharks, manta rays, at least 14 species of whales, dolphins, and sea turtles also make Komodo National Park their home.


Sample itinerary - Labuanbajo – Labuanbajo:


The following itinerary is for example purposes only. Your actual itinerary may vary due to weather or other environmental conditions and at the Captain's discretion in order to seek out the best available diving during your cruise.


Day 1: Fly from Bali to Labuhanbajo. Embarkation, boat briefing and set up dive equipment. If time permits we'll do 1 afternoon dive.
Day 2: dives at Gili Lawah Laut and Gili Lawah Darat 
Day 3: dives at Gili Lawah Darat
Day 4: dives at Rinca followed by dragon walking 
Day 5: dives at Gili Banta 
Day 6: Sangeang volcano 
Day 7: dives at Padar, walk to Pink Beach 
Day 8: dives at Gili Lawah Laut
Day 9: Gili Lawah Laut and Gili Lawah Darat, sailing to Labuhanbajo Harbour 
Day 10: Disembarkation in Labuhanbajo and flight back to Bali


Diving Highlights:


Gili Lawah Laut and Gili Lawah Darat, North Komodo

These two islands on the northern edge of Komodo National Park offer some of the most spectacular diving anywhere in the world. Current swept channels mean a plethora of pelagic life including dolphins, sharks and mantas. The reefs and sea mounts are teeming with life and colour of every conceivable variety. These are must dive sites and one of the highlights of the trip.


Sangeang Api

This huge twin peaked volcano is one of the most active in the Lesser Sunda Islands and rises almost 2,000m high. Diving in the shadow of such a beautiful location is an incredible experience and the underwater world does not disappoint. Volcanic lava has carved out dramatic and exciting channels, caves and canyons and the reefs bubble with life. There are plenty of amazing photography opportunities here for black sand critter lovers. Look out for seahorses, pygmy seahorses, frogfish, shrimp, crabs, nudibranch, ghost pipefish, scorpionfish and more. The diving here is spectacular from every conceivable angle!


Gili Banta 
The sparse and desolate island of Gili Banta offers a marked contrast to the normal lush tropical vegetation of other Indonesian islands. Vertical rock faces plunge into the deep blue sea, home to beautiful sea eagles and almost nothing else. Gili Banta’s main attractions lie below the surface. The infamous GPS Point is not for the faint hearted. Unpredictable and thrilling, a dive at this coral covered underwater mountain is the stuff of diving legend. Gili Banta’s volcanic origins offer breathtaking current swept underwater architecture and calmer white and reef respite in the shallows.