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After watching David Attenborough's touching send-off to a tiny Leatherback Turtle, our customer shares happy memories from a Green Turtle hatching at Siladen Resort, Manado. #OurBluePlanet

Our delighted customer returned from a diving holiday at Siladen Resort & Spa, in Manado, with some very special memories indeed. Here he describes for us the evening 140 Green Tutles hatched and made an epic journey into the protect waters of the Bunaken National Marine Park

Who wouldn't love to witness a turtle hatching in person?

On track & Heading off into the sea...

"Everyone was finishing up their evening meal when Mike and Nathalie went to check the turtle nests. There were signs of movement! When this message came, the restaurant soon emptied as everyone left for the turtle nests.

"Finally, one little head poked out and the baby turtle was soon heading rapidly down a specially-prepared track to the sea with vocal support from guests.

"The second and third turtles emerged slowly. The second appearing very tired, probably because the rain had compacted the sand on top of the nest making it hard work to dig itself out. The third turtle headed off, but kept trying to escape from the track by climbing the side wall. After a little guidance it too was on track and heading off into the sea.

"While the second baby turtle rested, it was soon joined by more and finally a rush as most of the 140 baby turtles emerged and headed off for the water in a big group. After about 20 minutes more it was all over and all 140 baby turtles were heading off to life at sea.

"Hard to believe but in thirty years probably only one of them will come back as an adult to lay eggs on the same beach.

"When Mike and Nathalie were digging out the nest the following day, to make room for a new batch of eggs, one final baby turtle was found. It was very strong and it too then made its way into the sea."

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